2892161469_79363d5c91Now, when we say escapade, we’re using the term rather loosely. If you’re like us, i.e. normal, the Spider Hunt in the Garden probably sounds about as appealing as taking a jaunt on down to Malibu and swimming, oh, maybe 500 feet or so from shore.

But for those of you out there who aren’t victim to crippling arachnophobia, the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden is hosting ye grande olde celebration of the creepy little bugger this Tuesday from 8 to 9:30 pm. Replete with “wolf spiders, crab spiders, jumping spiders, sheet web and funnel weavers, long jawed spiders and more,” the hunt costs 15 bucks a pop, which is quite the bargain for 90 minutes of life-scarring proportions.

Now please excuse us while we shudder uncontrollably.

Image Source: Ekler under Creative Commons
Spider Hunt in the Garden [UC Botanical Garden]


Last Wednesday, Erik Tarloff for The Atlantic wrote a blog post entitled ‘UCB RIP’ and Chancellor Birgeneau decided he wasn’t going to take that sh*t. Indeed, the future looks dim as the-deficit-that-shall-not-be-named and other forces of darkness tighten their stranglehold around UC Berkeley’s already emaciated neck, sending our dear headmaster to the ends of positivity that he is obligated to occupy. For those of you who don’t feel like reading through their call and rebuttal, allow us to summarize: read more »

totoro For those of you not already aware, the renowned, reclusive and recollective Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki made a brief appearance on UC Berkeley campus this evening.

The director accepted the Berkeley Japan Prize, presented by the Center For Japanese Studies, for his filmmaking and general badassery. In addition, Miyazaki did a Q&A this evening at Zellerbach Hall, for which a few of us at the Clog were lucky enough to be in attendance.

In case you may have missed it, we’ve collected a few of our impressions of the evening.

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This is not them. UC Berkeley’s very own Bollywood dance team took to the airwaves earlier this week on America’s Got Talent. And, unlike previous UC Berkeley reality-show legend William Hung, seemed quite popular with the audience and the judges.

So popular, in fact that they’ll be going on to the show’s next round in Las Vegas, and David Hasselhoff made what we assume to be a simultaneously complimentary and self-aggrandizing remark in commenting that they should change their name to “Bollywatch.”

In any case, we wish them all the best. For those of you hoping to follow them on the show, it airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

Image Source: Mosseby under Creative Commons
America’s Got Talent-Ishaara’s Performance [NBC]
Ishaara Dance [Ishaara]

Cutie patootie!According to a post on the official White House blog, Secretary of Energy and former Berkeleyan turned celebrity, Steven Chu is soliciting you … for your opinions and ideas. How is he going about gathering and disseminating such crucial information?

Why, through Facebook, of course! In the post, Chu says he’ll “keep you up to date on all the latest developments, as well as share tips that will save you money on your energy bills,” and that he hopes to have “a true dialogue.” If it’s a dialog that’ll save us money, we’re so there.

Plus his info doesn’t reek of editing by a P.R. department, which totally ups his street cred in our (Face)book. His activities include “Cooking, biking, doing crossword puzzles with my wife Jean, and trying to learn to golf.” Oh, and his default is a-freaking-dorable. Aw, Steven Chu, we love you!

Image Source: Center For American Progress Action under Creative Commons
Energy on Facebook [The Briefing Room Blog]
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Contrary to what the video above might imply, scientists have not yet perfected the art of psychic terrorism. They have, however, come quite a ways in “brain-machine experiments”—so much so as to discover that read more »


Oh, harsh realities of budget cuts! First you went for our classes, then our student fees and now, our time-honored final season all-night Anoncon … er, we mean study sessions.

You heard right, the UC Regents voted Chancellor Birgeneau announced last week at the UC Regents meeting to that the 24-hour study halls in university campus libraries during finals will end due to budget cuts. This in addition to the usual, cutting student jobs, GSIs and, now, instating furloughs for UC employees.

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It seems our long wait for a UC Berkeley police chief is now over. And after a nationwide search,  the new chief was under our noses the whole time.

UCPD Assistant Chief Mitch Celaya will now become the big dog in the campus police department, the campus announced this evening. read more »


We recommend a box of tissues for this one:

In a somewhat belated but no less moving gesture, the UC Board of Regents is bestowing honorary degrees on about 400 Japanese Americans who, when forced from their schools into World War II internment camps, were never able to complete their University of California educations.

One such former student, 88-year-old Grace Obata Amemiya, accepted her UC Berkeley degree this past Thursday. The event marked the first time in almost four decades that the Board has given honorary diplomas—an act purposely avoided to ” help avoid political pressures or the appearance of favoritism.”

Favoritism our a**. read more »

This bird has scone in its beak.

Not to be out-free crapped by its competition, Ye Olde Coffee of the Astronomical Dollars and Ubiquitous Mermaid is offering free pastries tomorrow morning. On the off-chance you’re confused by our (incredibly unnecessary) epithet, we’re talking about Starbucks.

The catch(es)? You’ve got to get there before 10:30. In the a.m. Yeah. For those of you still reading, the other catches are that you have to buy a beverage and you have to present this ticket in order to get your purportedly healthier-than-ever-before carbo-licious treat. Worth it to get out of bed before noon? Possibly. Actually healthy? Probably not.

Image Source: Leonard John Matthews under Creative Commons
Free Pastries at Starbucks next Tuesday Morning [InBerkeley]
Free Pastry Ticket [Starbucks]

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