Hey guys, just in case you didn’t get enough, what with our two liveblogs of the teach-in, and obsessive coverage of the walkout, we have more!

If you weren’t ready to take our word for it, video of the entire teach-in is now available on YouTube.

We also learned that we’re not the only ones writing about the walkout. The United Kingdom-based Guardian even sent a reporter into the “sweltering California heat.” The Associated Press was also on site, apparently.

Image Source: anselm23 under Creative Commons
Save the University: A teach-in on the crisis [YouTube]
University of California campuses erupt into protest [Guardian]
U. of California Cuts Protested at Campus Rallies [NY Times]

Andrew B. Watt said:
Jan 7, 2010 at 10:17 am

I’m also anselm23 on Flickr. Thanks for using my image, and retaining the link to it.

I know nothing about this teach-in, though, or the walkout, or what my image has to do with it.