Put on your listening ears and use your indoor voices, because a symphony is coming to Berkeley. Not just any symphony, either: the Shanghai Symphony.

The Shanghai Symphony has succeeded in raising its international profile and is now kicking off a 12 city tour of North America, including a stop at our very own Zellerbach Hall. So pat yourselves on the back, Berkeley high-culture fiends. Yet another feather in your illustrious cap.

The symphony’s shaking things up a little with a new conductor named Long Yu (ominously described as “imperious”). In point of fact, “his conducting style is so energetic that some weeks ago he accidentally threw his baton into the orchestra. (He continued conducting by waving a finger.)” That is too awesome for words.

Tickets are $28-60. The event is Sunday, Nov. 22 at 3 p.m. in Zellerbach. Yuja Wang will be on piano. We suggest picking a seat in the back to avoid any further baton incidents.

Image source: danchitnis under Creative Commons
Shanghai Symphony to perform in Berkeley [NY Times] via San Jose Mercury News


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