Let’s abandon all the stereotypical geek images here, because we are Berkeley, and if we can’t be proud of our geeks, there’s nothing in the world left fighting for.

That said, all you Poindexters out there might want to break out your shiny fanny packs, because the Lawrence Hall of Science has a new series of events this fall known as GEEK OUT! The one last Wednesday night, for example, had guests building their very own base stations on Mars.

Geektastic, no? We at the Clog think these events are a great idea (especially since we can safely assume there are no wedgies allowed). The director of community programs for the lab put it this way:

I like to go to science museums but you are always crawling over 10-year-olds to get to the stuff and you feel guilty. So we thought, ‘Let’s get the 10-year-olds out of the way and have a nighttime event for adults.’

What a relief, because we thought we were the only ones grumbling about the domineering ‘tween at the robot station.

Is your nerdy-sense tingling yet? Check out the next brain-watering event on Dec. 10 from 7-10 p.m.: Seth Shostak will be giving a talk entitled “Why We Must Colonize Space.” Tickets are $10.

So what are you waiting for? As the press release commands, “Let your geek flag fly!”

Image source: TedsBlog under Creative Commons
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