If the words “Israeli film” leave you drawing a blank, you’re probably not alone. But being the curious, open-minded (and frugal) Berkeley student you are, the upcoming free Israel film festival is the perfect opportunity to educate yourself about the cinema of a different country and more importantly, eat free kosher goodies. We said the magic words: free food and entertainment. Now you have no excuse.

“The Spirit of Tel Aviv” is a month-long festival hosted by Hillel, showing free films every Monday at 6:00 p. m. in the Pacific Film Archive. Here’s a list of the films that will be shown:

The Bubble: Monday, Feb. 1

The classic tale of boy meets girl, only the girl is actually a boy and he also happens to also be Palestinian. Drama ensues.

James’ Journey to Jerusalem: Monday, Feb. 8

A Christian man attempting a pilgrimage from his African village to the Holy Land is jailed by the immigration authorities upon his arrival in Tel Aviv. The film “filters an astute exploration of the economic, moral and spiritual hypocrisies of Western society through an evocative portrait of modern Israel’s cultural and generational divisions.”

Walk on Water: Sunday, Feb. 14

An Israel intelligence agent is assigned to track down an aging Nazi war criminal and realizes things are not as simple as they seem. Winner of three Israeli Film Academy Awards.

Jellyfish: Monday, Feb. 22

The movie has nothing to do with jellyfish, but it focuses on three Tel Aviv women, one of which is a bride who breaks her leg escaping a locked toilet stall.

THE BUBBLE – US Trailer [Youtube]
“The Spirit of Tel Aviv” Israeli Film Festival [Facebook]


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