This could be YOU GET EXCITED WOOOO.Because at PLAYgreen Festival II, you can potentially get free stuff! And you can definitely get free information on how to “live, play and work a greener lifestyle.” Don’t fight it–you know your life could benefit from a trip to “the Bay Area’s premier eco-experiential event.”

“Great!” you say, “Now I don’t have to wade through the mire of all those other Bay Area eco-experiential events, mucking up my path to eco-enlightenment. But what is it?”

Well, from the looks of things, PLAYgreen is basically a green-themed version of Caltopia. There will be cooking and other demonstrations (like one by BARE on how to “re-purpose” old T-shirts into something more, like, fabulous), along with booths will probably be lobbing shit-tons of cheap tchotchkes and/or brochures at passers-by. Also, there will be food booths.

So if a little strategic scrapping for free goodies is your thing, it’s all going down Feb. 26, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Pauley Ballroom. Oh, and PLAYgreen is open to everyone, not just students.

Image Source: urbanwoodswalker under Creative Commons
PLAYgreen Festival [Site]


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