Vive Le Roi! In memory of his majesty, the King of Pop, Berkeley’s Center for Race and Gender (CRG) has compiled a series of reflections and tributes honoring Michael Jackson and his tremendous contributions to music, dance and trend-setting fashion. From spoken word performances to an analysis of MJ’s signature hip thrust and even a dance montage of Jackson’s iconic moves, the site offers a multitude of videos that explore the various aspects of The Gloved One’s legacy.

Sure, Neverland Ranch might have been a bit over the top. Yeah, “Jesus Juice” wasn’t exactly what we’d call a winning idea. But really, it takes a certain level of musical brilliance in order to produce tunes like “Smooth Criminal” and “Beat It.” Not to mention the whole “Thriller” revolution.

So if you’ve got some spare time on your un-gloved hands, check out the CRG’s “Michael Jackson: Critical Reflections on a Life and a Phenomenon.” You can browse through the collection and listen to a whole lot of original poetry by some guy called Blair. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to practice your moonwalk.

Image Source: bernissimo under Creative Commons
Michael Jackson: Critical Reflections on a Life and a Phenomenon [CRG]


Get ready for the symposium of your life, because on March 4-5, Berkeley is hosting a symposium to “explore 400 rich years of African American nature writing, as evidenced in a new, first-ever anthology of nature poetry by black writers.”

Some may think that African-American nature writing is not very common, but, well, that’s just plain wrong. Cecil Giscombe, African-American poet and UCB English prof, explains it this way: “Nature is everywhere in writing, yet public read more »

Because the SUPERB website hasn’t been updated since last semester, we’ve been resorting to other methods.
Oh well, they’ve made up for it with their selection of this next film:
Wes Anderson’s Oscar-nominated “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” (still playing in theaters in Berkeley), showing this Friday in Wheeler.
For those of you who haven’t seen it but consider yourself Anderson fans, shame on thee! And for those of you who haven’t seen it, do. You will not be disappointed!
Shows at 7 and 8:50 p.m.
$3 w/ Cal ID
$5 general admission

Next Friday, March 5, they’ll be showing “Up in the Air.”

Image Source: Lucius Kwok under Creative Commons

SUPERB Presents: FANTASTIC MR. FOX [Facebook]

Gavin Newsom’s 10-year initiative to eradicate San Francisco homelessness is reportedly working. While over 800 people wrapped around Bill Graham Civic Auditorium to receive food, health, and legal aid at Wednesday’s Project Homeless Connect fair, Newsom announced to a throng of volunteers that 1,679 of the proposed 3,000 permanent housing units are up and running.

Cool. Impressive on paper. But as our daily traipse up Telegraph can attest, physical homelessness is only a fraction of the chronic Bay Area vagrancy. The flamboyant panhandling may have at first appeared a brass-knuckled reminder of what you are actively avoiding by submitting yourself to a large, faceless institution. After a while, however, you begin to wonder about the average income of Berkeley gutter punks. Probably higher than you’d think.

Our point is, Newsom, kudos to you. Now how ’bout you come across the bay and wave your statistics at a certain Mr. Bates?

Image Source: jimfischer under Creative Commons
Newsom: SF more than halfway to homeless goal [SF Examiner]

smart alecsWe noticed this sign on the door of Berkeley’s favorite “intelligent fast food” restaurant about a week ago and we figured it was merely temporary.

But today we noticed the sign was still up, but mysteriously, no repairs seem to have been made in the meantime. Which leads us to speculate that  ”closed for repairs” might be code for “closed for an abnormally high volume of A-paper forgeries leading to an excess of free fries and a subsequent profit loss.”

If anyone has the deets, shoot ‘em to the Clog, por favor.

Image Source: Ruby Lee

Yo man there’s a lotta UCSD Frat Boys out there flakin’ and perpetratin’ but scared to kick reality. While Pi Kappa Alpha absolutely denies any ties to the now infamous Black History Month “Compton Cookoutinvite, the controversy has grown from a racist fetus into a bulbous, bigoted, Bob Ewell-sized tumor.

Among several combative initiatives, UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox is advocating a task force to smack down on violators of the Student Code of Conduct.

Chancellor Birgenau flooded our inboxes this morning with an obligatory read more »

green lightYou know what’s lacking in your college career? Good ol’ public service. We bet you could all use a little karma boost, what with finals around the corner and all. Enter: Facebook.

A program called “One Million Lights” is collecting money to send solar-powered lights to third world countries who are currently still using kerosene. It may not seem like the most important thing, but just imagine a hospital without a light to illuminate the operating table. Thanks to Facebook, flipping on their light switch is as easy as just clicking “donate.”

The lights aren’t cheap ($25 a pop) but you can’t really put a price on the warm fuzzy feeling that helping others gives you, are we right? But more importantly, each donation also gets us one step closer to beating Stanfurd. Come on Bears, we all know us Berkeley kids are brighter, let’s show it, literally!

The founder of the organization also happens to be making an appearance on March 1 at 7 p.m. in 110 Wheeler. If you’re not convinced by us, maybe he’ll change your mind. Don’t tell us you forgot about your love of petty college rivalry, THIS IS BEAR TERRITORY!! (sorry, it’s been a while)

Image Source: danmachold under Creative Commons
One Million Lights: Beat Stanford! [Facebook]

3506611593_5e5cb21bcfImagine, if you will, a beautiful day at SeaWorld in Orlando, FL. Gently roasting to a delicate golden hue in the … um, February sun, you meander over to the killer whale tank for a fun-filled noontime show. The performance is great, the whales definitely whales, noms ridiculously overpriced. You stretch, dislodge your wedgie and get ready to hit the seals when, in the middle of his post-show belly rub, the star of the show clamps his jaws around the trainer, pulls her into the tank and thrashes her about until she’s dead.

Such was the unexpected turn of events in Orlando this very afternoon—and by unexpected we mean, you know, completely devastating and awful and life-scarring for everyone involved. The culprit? 12,000-pound Tilikum, a killer whale that has in fact been associated with two previous human fatalities. His victim this time around? Dawn Brancheau, 40 years old and one of the best, most experienced trainers at the park.

The collateral? Countless kids who you know for a fact will never again go near a swimming pool.

Image Source: milan.boers under Creative Commons
Whale kills trainer as horrified spectators watch [Washington Post]
Earlier: Robot Drum Circle Invented

Do your duty!We know it may seem like we here at the Clog aren’t really that up on the Cal sports (besides Quidditch now that we have it, obvies) but … OK, that’s basically true. But this should only magnify the gravity of the situation. Apparently, the Cal men’s basketball team is real close to being the Pac-10 conference champion for the first time in 50 years. That’s literally half a century. Literally.

So you can see why coach Mike Montgomery is asking for all the help he can get. We have it on good authority that while playing this so-called “basketball,” having many fans present making copious amounts of noise is can actually help the team whose home court upon which said game is being played emerge victorious. That, Cal fans, is where you come in. read more »


If you were not one of the lucky few to nab free tickets to the Clinton extravaganza this afternoon, have no fear: the Clog is here to paint you a metaphorical picture of the event. (And yes ladies and gents, he is that charismatic.)

First there were several introductions, (including introductions of the next introducer) and then the 42nd president took the stage. He seemed slightly red in the face but otherwise in the bloom of health as he spoke with an intriguing read more »

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