Add another time-consuming issue to the ASUC’s to-do list this month: namely, figuring out how to resolve the whole “ASUC-should-divest-from-companies-with-ties-to-Israel-except-wait-do-we-really-want-to-say-that-maybe-we-don’t-but-maybe-we-do” thing. That’s not to mention having to deal with spring budgeting and elections for next year.

And speaking of anything relating to Israel that involves the ASUC, the story has been picked up everywhere from Indybay (big surprise) to the … Connecticut Jewish Ledger. Which is aptly named, as it’s based in Vernon. But the best part is the following quote: “Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, an outspoken advocate of the Jewish state, wasted no time in issuing a strong statement denouncing the resolution.”

We’re not sure which is more striking, the fact that a Harvard law professor has pitched in his two cents or the fact that he wasted no time in doing so.

Image Source: sean dreilinger under Creative Commons
ASUC President Smelko Vetoes Divestment Bill [Daily Cal]
Berkeley students vote to divest from companies with ties with Israel [Jewish Ledger]


We’ve all heard about the racial problems at UC San Diego. You may have even seen the protest on Sproul. And recently the UC regents met with chancellors of various campuses and a special adviser to discuss how to take care of the system’s intolerance problems.

It wasn’t just San Diego, by the way, before you start blaming SoCal. According to the article there was also “anti-gay graffiti and swastikas at Davis and disruption by protesters at a talk read more »

evansIf you missed it, the Clog did a review of all the lounges on campus and we found ourselves in a Goldilocks conundrum: this lounge is too loud, this one’s too quiet … but none were just right.

So we’ve been eager to explore a new lounge, especially one that advertises free printing. Unfortunately, this new lounge happens to be located in the basement (B3) of Evans–also known as “The Dungeon“–a scary window-less place with printers named after creatures of the underworld.

For most, Evans is the eyesore of a building hosting the highest number of suicides of any campus building: a daily reminder that you chose the right major. But if you’re feeling adventurous, stop in for a quick study sesh and make use of its free printing. We’re guessing it’s quiet.

Hours: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday-Thursday
9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Friday
Closed on Weekends

Image Source: Raymond Yee under Creative Commons
Earlier: Stoney Burke Draws Oddly Large Crowd

McSweeney’s tipped us off on three full staged readings with the New York cast of a two-act play written by Wajahat Ali. Toni Morrison calls Wajahat’s piece: “Brilliant. Moving. Shapely. Clever. Funny.”

It is “The Domestic Crusaders,” framed around … read more »

water bottle refill

This combines Facebook, your willingness to support causes and lighthearted competition. Nevertheless, it strikes us as a pretty tolerable–solid, even–endeavor. Haas School of Business students Aaron Schwartz and Nicole Ballin have created an app through which UC Berkeley students track their water bottle conservation habits, pitting their stats against one another in a competitive setting. We’d hate to see the mini-suite where this competition gets out of hand … read more »


A few weeks ago, we wrote about the Girl Scouts’ new “cookie program:” a full-scale sales operation including rallies, phone banking, the Internet and even personal texts. The good ol’ days when an adorable smile and a sash were all a girl needed to sell a box of cookies appeared to be over.

While we patiently awaited a cookie call or a Tagalong text, we spotted something that all our careful Clogging had shown to be impossible: Girl Scouts … in the flesh. For the past couple of days, and until sometime next week, the much-loved cookie-bearers are on the corner of Bancroft and Telegraph Avenue, at the entrance of campus. Keep an eye out!

In case you haven’t noticed, the Clog kinda has a thing for all kinds of confections, and Girl Scout cookies (some of us ex-scouts ourselves) hold a special place in our stomachs’ hearts. If you spot any other Girl Scout cookie activity around the city, drop us the cross streets.

Image Source: Ruby Lee

While things probably aren’t as bad as the above video, there’s still a travel warning that’s relevant to all you spring-break-in-Mexico’ers. As dean of students Jonathan Poullard puts it, “Accordingly, UC Berkeley strongly advises against travel to Mexico during Spring Break. We encourage students to discuss your travel plans with family, friends, and other concerned parties as appropriate.”

What’s the big deal? Well, maybe this, or this or this or this. So take care next week and don’t do anything stupid.

Video Source: Silkex
Travel Warning [US Department of State]

As ASUC hopefuls get into the full swing of their campaigns, we’ve come to expect at least one thing for certain: Self-promotional videos. Lots of ‘em. Some will be funny (we’re looking at you, SQUELCH!–don’t disappoint), some will be awkward and some will be pretty douchey. But all of them will be–well–enlightening.

In that vein:

Berkeley’s favorite anthropomorphic bear goes straight for the jugular with his campaign video, in which he takes a distinct “Think of the children!” angle. Don’t you want your little brothers and sisters to have a fair shot at an education? Then vote CalSERVE, you heartless bastards!

Alright, alright, we kid. (Mostly.) But while we’re here, read more »

not what you want

Hey man, we’re not judging—and neither are the friendly folks over at Berg Injury Lawyers. Thanks to their festive spirits, all you drunk beezies in Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda and San Francisco can get yourselves free St. Patty’s cab rides tonight all the way till three in the morning.

If you’re in SF, call (415) 282-4141 for Luxor Cab; everyone else can hit up Veterans Cab at (800) 281-4488.

But wait—there’s more! AAA Northern California’s “Tipsy Tow” will also get you a complimentary one-way tow of five miles or fewer to the home of your vehicle’s driver. Passengers can even catch a ride if there’s space in the truck. Call AAA-HELP, or 1-800-222-4357.

You can thank us later.

Image Source: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton under Creative Commons
Tow service and free cab rides offered for tipsy St. Patrick’s Day revelers [MercuryNews]

This guy calls himself "Painbringer." Who would you be? … If by “sass” you mean, “inescapable fear for your pretend life,” that is. There’s really nothing unusually sassy about StreetWars–which is essentially a city-wide, grown-up  version of Assassin, but it does sound pretty cool/terrifying.

The San Francisco tournament will be taking place from April 5 through May 2, so if you’re hanging out across the bay and you happen to see somebody get gotten with a watergun, do not be alarmed. They probably will have had it comin’.

Unfortunately, you have to live in the actual city of San Francisco to participate, but this party is hardly unique. They’ve also had StreetWars in New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Paris and more. Which sort of leads us to wonder, “If San Francisco, why not Berkeley?” After all, there is a prize of real cash monies. And we college students could definitely use that, right?

Image Source: Jason Cartwright under Creative Commons
StreetWars [Site]

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