Wine-lovers, rejoice! The weather is warm (-ish), spring is here, and the first annual Berkeley Wine Festival is underway. The series is comprised of eight evening sessions that feature dinner and world-class wine pairings. And if you’re rolling your eyes thinking I’m so not paying for a “dinner” of broken crackers and sweaty cheese cubes speared on multicolored toothpicks, guess again. The meals are prepared by The Claremont Hotel’s executive chef, Josh Thomson, and are created specifically to compliment the wine they are served with.

Prices vary depending on the meal and the wine being served, so you’ll have to check out the event calendar to pick the night that fits your budget. The festival continues through part of May, so you still have time to sit back, relax and sip on some hard-earned relaxation. Cheers!

Image Source: rogersmj under Creative Commons
The Claremont Hotel Club & Spa Proudly Presents: The First Annual Berkeley Wine Festival [Berkeley Wine Festival]

Bob Slate said:
Oct 5, 2010 at 10:00 pm

You can give away (or sell) white Tee shirts with University of California printed on the front, and on back the front page of The Daily Californian with the headline, “President Robert Gordon Sproul Congratulates the graduates of 1950″. (Show the date of the graduation in small print.)

Oh, and make my Tee shirt a size Large.