As academic departments and resources have suffered cutbacks in recent months, so too may athletics. Sports funding has been something of a hot-button issue this year, and in response the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is beginning an overhaul to end its nasty overspending habit.

While no teams have yet been singled out as the victims of possible cuts, some of those involved in men’s gymnatics are already shaking in their boots.

Some, including U.S. Olympic Committee officials, are concerned that the men’s gymnastics team may be eliminated in order to cut costs.

But they’re not planning to take this lying down. They’ve already begun a letter-writing campaign asking for donations and approached Athletics Director Sandy Barbour about what they need to do to stick around.

Perhaps not the most popular sport, but we have to give them points for persistence.

Image Source: crises_crs under Creative Commons
Concerns Arise Regarding Fate of Men’s Gymnastics [Daily Cal]

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