Oh yeah, there’s an app for that. As a master’s final project for the Berkeley School of Information, student Ljuba Miljkovic made a transportation app called “Transporter” (nothing to do with Jason Statham) that is now available on iTunes.

The app tells you the real-time departures of buses and trains, but it also goes one step further: informing you what time you will arrive at your destination once you’re in transit. It also allows you to bookmark your favorite/most used lines and stops. It works for SF MUNI, AC Transit, and BART. (Especially useful with the new bus schedule, eh?)

The man himself described the problem with transportation: “We discovered that riding public transit often produces a generalized sense of anxiety,” Miljkovic observed, “rooted perhaps in one’s loss of control.” Yeah, that or the crazy guy at the front of the bus loudly voicing his opinion that television will destroy America.

Either way, the app is FREE and you can download it here. Say thank you to Miljkovic.

Image source: marvin L under Creative Commons
Student project “Transporter” debuts on ITunes Store [UC Berkeley School of Information]

rock climbing

Like they do in army commercials. We know rock climbing is one of those things you keep putting off. We found a super local, super beginner-friendly opportunity for you. Don’t let it slip away this time. read more »


The Prop 8 trial is still ongoing, just so you know. In fact, the trial just finished closing arguments last Wednesday although as we know the trial began in January. Finally the decision is on the horizon, and now might be a good time to catch up on the trial’s goings-on. You’re on vacation, after all–do you really have anything better to do? (Don’t include anything resembling frisbee golf.)

We didn’t think so. So how’s about you check the lovely blog called Prop 8 on Trial, which was set up by two Berkeley law students? It includes “daily reports from the Prop 8 trial,” so you know it’s thorough, and it’s read more »

Odorific! It’s that time of the year again! “What time?” you ask. “What time is it?! Oh my God, did I miss my Tele-BEARS? EFFFFFFF!”

No, no, it’s nothing like that, we respond. It’s Corpse Flower Watch 2010 time! Also known as the best time. OK, maybe the second best time, actually. Second only to Cheeseboard time.

But we digress. The real point of this post was to do two things:

1)To direct you to the UC Botanical Garden’s Twitter feed so you can get by-the-minute updates about the as-of-yet nameless titan arum bloom’s progress. You can probably also submit a pun-tastic name for the flower via tweet or whatevs, too, if you’re up for it. read more »

The Trader Joe’s that’s been in development for quite some time finally opened its doors about a week ago in west Berkeley. We at the Clog are of course college students, meaning that we lived off of those Trader Joe’s noodle boxes for the better part of our freshman year.

We got the chance to visit the new location today. Located at University Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, it’s a bit of a walk from campus but not an unreasonable one.

In fact, it is probably closer for many students than Whole Foods, Andronico’s or Safeway, the city’s existing grocery mainstays.

read more »

Truer words have never been spoken.

Yeah, we figured that little PR gem deserved its own line. Anyhoodle, the aforementioned title refers to an emergency preparedness drill going on across campus this morning (Thursday) from 8:30 until 11:30 a.m. So if you see unusual things happening that look like they might be helping people prepare for emergencies, don’t be alarmed. HA. Get it?

Image Source: thebadastronomer under Creative Commons
Earthquake drill on Thursday will test campus emergency preparedness [NewsCenter]


We here at the Clog are always on the lookout for ways to enlighten people about upping their hipster cred. So we would never pass up an opportunity like this one: a screening of the film (not “movie,” never “movie”) “Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then” at the BAM/PFA tonight June 16th at 7:30. General admission is $9.50 but UCB students are $5.50.

The film is directed by Brent Green. And if you were curious who that is, the information provided read more »


We’ve all made excuses for YouTube’s usefulness in the past (“You can find anything! It helps me for school!”) while still managing to spend most of our time watching kids giving hockey psych-up speeches. In other words, the usefulness of YouTube is unquestioned, but the actual time put in to making it useful … that’s a different story.

Until now, with CitizenTube teaming up with the UCB Graduate School of Journalism to help inform citizens of the world.

It’s unclear yet exactly what role the grad school will play, but CitizenTube will “be gradually taking on more and more content.” This has the potential to be what we in the journalism biz call “super awesome.”

Don’t believe us? Take a look at just a few of the headlines read more »

american apparel

Take a second to imagine a Telegraph Avenue – a world, in fact – minus American Apparel. Without the one-stop-shop for bow ties, leggings and assless tights, where on Earth would you go to outfit yourself for a ridiculous theme-party (Berkeley at large sometimes feels like one) while remaining sexy and with-it?

Buried somewhere within that rhetorical question, perhaps, lies the answer to why American Apparel is in grave financial jeopardy. read more »

Not satisfied with just hearing the hyena giggles that echo from the Berkeley hills (because there are apparently a bunch of hyenas just chillin’ up there — no big deal)? Want to know more? Then watch this video! You’ll learn things about language development. Which is obviously the most pressing reason to watch a video that features weirdly cute animals giggling and diving adorably into random vats of water.

Hyena’s giggles provide insight into language development [YouTube]
Earlier: A Serious Case of the Giggles

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