Those of you not already put off of AC Transit by its massive service cuts and general unreliability will be saddened to learn that the harried transit agency is facing yet another hurdle—mass employee absences.

It seems that after their new contract took effect a week ago, hundreds of AC Transit workers have been mysteriously absent from work. Among the conditions of the new contract are salary freezes and a $10 co-pay for health insurance.

The agency is warning riders of delays caused by these absences.

But workers insist there is nothing sinister afoot. In fact, there may be confusion among the bus drivers about what schedules they are supposed to be working. Or, you know, some rare sickness sweeping the East Bay that only affects AC Transit employees. Stranger things have happened.

In any case, a judge has ordered that a neutral arbitrator be brought in to help settle the dispute between AC Transit and the union. We can only hope that things will clear up so that the dysfunctional transit agency can go back to being the less-dysfunctional transit agency we know and love.

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Wave of AC Transit Absences Causes Delays [Daily Cal]

Andy Nevis said:
Jul 26, 2010 at 1:51 am

A salary freeze (not cut) and a small health insurance co-pay in the midst of the worst crisis in the agency’s history? The Horror, the horror!!!