If you are the type of bona-fide environmentalist who not only takes BART but rides a bike to get there, you are no doubt familiar with rather dingy corner of the Downtown Berkeley BART station known as the Bike Station.

Well, dear tree-hugger, it looks like your bike may soon be headed to bigger and better things. The Bike Station held a ribbon cutting for its new above-ground location yesterday. The new location on Shattuck Avenue, formerly home to Shoe Pavilion, looks a good deal spiffier than the Bike Station’s old digs.

We don’t really have occasion to go there, as we’re partial to walking everywhere, but should you need to park your bike or require repairs, the Bike Station is open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday. More information can be found on their website.

Image Source: under Creative Commons
Berkeley BART Bike Station [Alameda Bicycle]


We reported a while ago that there were some concerns regarding Cal’s atheletic funding, especially when considering the hubbub surrounding the budget. Because of this our Chancellor Birgeneau (or “Birgy,” as we wish we could call him) asked for a report on the state of Cal’s sports programs. Ladies and gents, the results are in.

And now that the report’s out, that means some changes for athletics. Nothing major, it looks like, although it really is too soon to tell.  Birgy just issued a statement (that’s how we in the press say “wrote a letter”) summarizing some of the report’s findings. Said findings tell us that the program is good read more »


Anyone who has ever tried to rent a mildly obscure movie or one that’s more than twenty years old has probably noticed the woeful shortcomings of the local Blockbuster. This was part of the reason that the Clog was saddened to hear of the possible demise of local video rental store, Reel Video, which stocks all manner of unusual offerings.

But all is not yet lost— read more »

dna test

In a typically Stanfordian move, the rival institution trails UC Berkeley’s “Bring Your Genes to Cal” program with its own smaller, more expensive and more in-depth take on student genetic self-testing. Yet, despite the relative prudence of their approach, Stanford is still incurring intense scorn from bioethicists — which makes us look like completely reckless geno-hawks by comparison.

Read on and we’ll bring you up to speed on both programs; plus, we’ll condense the developing ethical debate. read more »

So the jury in the trial of Johannes Mehserle, ex-BART police office accused of shooting and killing Oscar Grant on January 1, 2009, has delivered its verdict. Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, but was not convicted on the second degree murder charge the prosecution was pushing for. read more »


Berkeley is already pretty lax when it comes to pot laws, but consider this the green light: two new laws (presumably on the ballot in November) will “greatly expand Berkeley’s medical marijuana industry.”

Under these laws, Berkeley could have as many as 11 “large-scale growing facilities” and “a fourth retail outlet in the city’s commercial districts.” This would be awfully convenient for mourning American Apparel-ites–instead of spandex onesies, read more »

coffeeAs the Clog was lingering about the Downtown Berkeley BART station this morning, we noticed something peculiar. Now, regular BART-ers know that there has long been a green fence around one corner of the station, with a poster advertising a soon-to-open Peet’s Coffee on it.

The green fence was still in place, but we were shocked to see read more »


Ah, Akira Kurosawa. No, we don’t know anything about him, but did our sigh (tinged with just the right amount of worldliness) convince you otherwise? Good. We’re doing our job. And we’re also helping you do yours by telling you that Wednesday July 7 at 7 at the BAM/PFA there will be a screening of Kurosawa’s “Sanshiro Sugata” parts I and II.

Together the two movies are 163 minutes, which surprises us, frankly. We thought all old classics had to be at least three hours long to be taken seriously (kind of like college finals). But apparently Kurosawa has this sense of “economy” about him. If that means cut to the read more »


This is a story for insatiable museum fanatics (in case our campus didn’t have enough museums already). About 10,000 “objects and documents” that lived in the Judah L Magnes Museum are now migrating to the UC Berkeley campus. These objects will set up shop in downtown Berkeley “adjacent to the campus” and join the UC Berkeley Jewish Studies program in the new building. read more »

The new—or, perhaps more accurately—relocated Ben & Jerry’s has opened its doors on Center Street, between Oxford Street and Shattuck Avenue, a stone’s throw from its old location on Oxford Street across the street from campus.

We have yet to patronize the new location, but it is now serving all the delicious ice cream you could possibly want in this hot summer weather, and we hear tell that its grand opening will be taking place next month, when more students will be around, we imagine. In the mean time, we will no longer be deprived of a place to buy frozen bananas.

Perhaps a source of more intrigue are the storefronts at and next to Ben & Jerry’s old location. Both are still closed, but signs in the window advertise a restaurant that has something to do with barbecueing and what looks to be a cinnamon bun shop, but we’ll keep you posted.

Image Source: sachman75 under Creative Commons
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