Looks like Berkeley’s got some new competition on the university front–Zaytuna College, a Muslim four-year liberal arts college, opens its doors today. New universities are always cause for celebration, and this one, the first of its kind in the US, is especially exciting.

The college was founded by (go figure) a UC Berkeley (and Saint Mary’s) professor named Hatem Bazian, and it’s open to students of all faiths. The university is not yet accredited by WASC (although they’re working on it). The first class only has 15 students, read more »

Abouuuttt FACE!

You know, given the extremely high risk of your face being defaced, an amazing number of people still pose for these things. Now that’s real dedication to Berkeley.

Welp. Guess that answers that!

Image Source: Jill Cowan


A few months ago, we waxed apocalyptic about what appeared to be American Apparel’s impending financial doom. However, it looked as though AA would slide through, albeit into a more humbled position, as investors offered to loosen some slack and renegotiate loan covenants. Nope.

American Apparel is in deeper doo-doo than ever. The New York Stock Exchange is threatening to delist them and their accountant just quit, saying their numbers might not be reliable. And suffice it to say, a lot is riding on AA keeping those numbers up. In this moment of crisis, AA management has finally come to openly acknowledge the hard truth behind their trouble: “hipster is over.” read more »


With the bloody-knuckled, pouty-lipped, Hot Topic-clad swag of your angsty fourteen-year-old sister, actress Morgan Weed has dragged “American Idiot” producers into a nasty little lawsuit for alleged identity distortion in the show’s promo campaign.

Weed, a former swing and understudy for “Whatsername” during the pre-Broadway run at Berkeley Rep, is “demanding compensatory and punitive damages” in addition to a slice of the show’s financial yields to compensate for all the tormented nights of anguish she spent thinking about the destructive force her two seconds of screen time in this studio recording of “21 Guns” will have on her fledgling career in regional theatre.

Image Source: Jeff under Creative Commons
Theatre Actress Sues Over Green Day Musical Promo [abc news]

Warning: Language NSFW. Also look out for the zebra.

After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

Soooo, this story has been kind of a big deal for Sacramento County residents. And for good reason — Manimal wars are serious business.

Saturday evening, a couple of zebras managed to make like Freddie Mercury read more »


According to the U.S. News and World Report, UC Berkeley is still number one. Well slap our bottoms and call us biscuits. We can only feign so much modest surprise.

All bravado aside, this news is actually kind of a mixed bag. See, for more moons than we can number, Berkeley has read more »


Unfortunately, this is not a redux of “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” No, in fact, it’s more news in the ever-growing hubbub of information and opinions about California’s high-speed rail. This time, though, it’s not about budgets.

The California Senate just sent a bill to the governor’s desk requiring international train companies seeking the high-speed rail gig to inform the state if they transported people to concentration and POW camps during World War II.

A bill to be applauded, certainly, even if the fact that it’s even necessary makes read more »

Don't get caught snoozing!

As you know, the Clog is nothing if not here for you, the conscientious, responsible (though somewhat absent-minded) Berkeley student. Thus, we have decided that it would be in everybody’s best interest (all right, all right — including our own) if we posted some key dates to remember for the fast-approaching semester.

Is this post actually just an aggregation of the upcoming bits from a couple different academic calendars? Perhaps.Will you thank us if you almost forgot something important, but didn’t as a direct result of this admittedly borderline pointless post? Um, hellz yeah! Git ready for fall oh-ten, guys! read more »


This just in: a week or so after Judge Walker ruled Prop 8 unconstitutional, said judge ruled to “lift the stay” on gay weddings.

But don’t pop the champagne corks yet, folks–the case has already been appealed. And you can’t go and get yourself gay-hitched tomorrow, either: gay weddings are “on hold” until “at least” August 18.

After August 18, however, feel free to marry.*

*Unless the 9th Circuit Court chooses to uphold Prop 8. Then we go back into legal back and forth.

So gay marriage is/(may be around the date of August 18) kinda sorta legal in California. Maybe. Our advice to gay couples? Get married soon after the 18th of August and gather ye rosebuds while ye may. This looks to be a long fight.

Image source: Fibonacci Blue under Creative Commons
BREAKING: Same sex marriage stay lifted, but…. [sf ist]

2674135861_5bac436bdcThis is ridiculous(ly short notice), so we’re going to get right down to the nitty gritty.

Bag monsters attack! In a big way. About nine hours from now. So get movin’, bucko.

If you are a) vehemently opposed to plastic bags, b) at all aware of the historic upcoming vote to ban said vile creations statewide, c) really into any activity involving running willy-nilly whilst dressed absurdly throughout SF, or d) all of the above, then we suggest showing up at Ghirardelli Square at 10 a.m. sharp.

Just remember: don’t throw away the costume.

Image Source: Bag Monster under Creative Commons
Bag Monster Tour [site]

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