2475149762_be7b1aed72_oOH snap. But really, the headline is a bit sensational. (That’s what they’re for, though, right?) It’s merely referring to the Wall Street Journal’s latest study, which surveyed recruiters from 479 of the world’s largest companies asking which schools they deem to be the “top picks” in terms of turning out graduates who are “best prepared and most able to succeed.”

Out of the top 25 schools (UC Berkeley placed 15th — oh what’s that, Stanford? Why do we get to be on all the lists?) 19 are large public schools. The rest were private, with only one Ivy League (Cornell) making the cut.

The research also indicates that Computer Science, Engineering and Business Majors are the most readily employable. Surprise!

Those liberal arts majors out there shouldn’t lose heart, though — the survey merely reflects immediate post-college employment, and not everyone’s ultimately fantastic professional career. As Mount Holyoke College professor Christopher Pyle says: “…most (liberal arts) graduates will seek callings that are more challenging, and more socially useful, than the entry-level jobs that most corporate recruiters offer.” Them’s fightin’ words!

Image Source: clevercupcakes under Creative Commons
Recruiters Favor State Schools For Hires [Wall Street Journal]

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