A clue! (Number 16 ... since a Berkeleyside commenter already answered it.)Berkeleyside wants you to answer them these questions 20. But only if you really want the prize, which is $25 to this high-end takeout place on College Avenue, Summer Kitchen Bake Shop. So, pretty much, you want to participate in this contest. (Yeah, we may or may not be salivating while reading their menu right now … )

The contest is clearly aimed at folks in the Berkeley community with considerable movie trivia in their back pockets, since all the questions are obscure tidbits about Berkeley on the big screen. Berkeleyside is also billing it as “The Google-proof movie quiz.” Which leads us to believe that this contest is also aimed at old people, and not students, who know that no query is really “Google-proof.”

Thus we encourage you to take a stand! Enter this contest! Show Berkeleyside that you CAN Google anything. Students FTW! Take back the park!(?) Incidentally, we think we just tracked down the first two answers in about a minute, but we’re not going to be assholes, so hurry up and find them yourselves. You only have until Sunday, Oct. 3 by 5 p.m. to get as many as you can correct — though we’re not sure what they’re going to do in the case of a tie …

Anyway, good luck, peers! You are all gentlemen and scholars.

Big Screen special: test your Berkeley film knowledge [Berkeleyside]


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