Ah yes, it seems to be MacArthur Grant-awardin’ time, again, doesn’t it? You know the drill: Every year, the MacArthur Foundation picks between 20 and 25 “geniuses” to receive $500,000 over the course of five years — with which to do whatever they want. Because people who are that awesome do not need help deciding how to spend their money.

And, once again, we have TWO faculty members reppin’ the Berks, which is double the number from any other academic institution. read more »

segwayAfter discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

Oh, the Segway. Once it was touted as an invention to revolutionize our lives. Now it seems clear that’s not the case, unless your life involves a lot of postal worker or lazier-than-average tourism.

We’ve still remained rather transfixed by the strange contraptions, and were taken aback when we learned that the life of Segway’s owner had been taken away by one of the nefarious machines. read more »

race in bay area

While we’ve all been prancing around celebrating the diversity and racial harmony of the Bay Area, one man (this man) dared to question how integrated we really are with Bill Rankin’s Radical Cartography project as inspiration.

read more »

A clue! (Number 16 ... since a Berkeleyside commenter already answered it.)Berkeleyside wants you to answer them these questions 20. But only if you really want the prize, which is $25 to this high-end takeout place on College Avenue, Summer Kitchen Bake Shop. So, pretty much, you want to participate in this contest. (Yeah, we may or may not be salivating while reading their menu right now … )

The contest is clearly aimed at folks in the Berkeley community with considerable movie trivia in their back pockets, since all the questions are obscure tidbits about Berkeley on the big screen. Berkeleyside is also billing it as “The Google-proof movie quiz.” Which leads us to believe that this contest is also aimed at old people, and not students, who know that no query is really “Google-proof.” read more »

3004717988_06761377b7Well, not entirely. He simply wants to extend the amount of time students spend in the classroom by calling for an extension to the school year. The president declared that American students are lagging behind their international counterparts in subjects like math and science, to the detriment of our country’s future.

We can’t object to raising academic standards for primary and secondary education. But summer has historically been a time of blissful intellectual atrophy! Forcing students to toil over schoolwork in the blazing heat of summer … that’s just … actually that’s just like the last few days here. (Hello, triple-digits!)

Okay, so maybe it’s not too bad an idea, especially considering that the school year wouldn’t necessarily have to be extended by much: Schools in the United States offer an average of 180 days of instruction per year, in contrast to the average of 196 offered in the countries touting the highest student achievement levels: Japan, South Korea, Germany, and New Zealand.

That’s less than a month, but “[it] makes a difference,” Obama insists, “especially … for poorer kids who may not see as many books in the house during the summers, aren’t getting as many educational opportunities.”

The president also called upon teachers, noting that their performance is as integral to the success of our education system as the performance of their students. He stressed accountability, read more »


Check your email inbox and you’ll find an announcement from Chancellor Robert Birgeneau regarding the status of intercollegiate athletics. Simply put, the money just isn’t there, and they will be cutting five teams: men’s and women’s gymnastics, women’s lacrosse, men’s baseball, and men’s rugby.

163 student athletes will be affected (out of a total of more than 800 student-athletes). Money-wise, this means the university (in an ideal world, of course) will shift from spending over $12 million a year on Cal Athletics down to about $5 million read more »

4030316185_3bbe5bf431Yeah, we’re all that and a bag of chips. Just ask the National Research Council. They only ranked, oh, 48 out of our 52 Ph.D. programs among the top 10 in the country.

It’s unclear which four programs were too lame to make the cut, but those high on the list include a bunch of hard sciences, poli sci, and, kind of randomly, German. Runners-up in the survey, which is the first of its kind in the last 15 years, were Harvard and UCLA.

Also! In an additional survey of national graduate programs, Berkeley beat the pants off of Stanfurd. We boast a full 40 in the top 5; they, on the other hand, clocked in with a measly 30.

Neener neener neener.

Image Source: lucidialohman under Creative Commons
U.C. Berkeley’s Ph.D. programs ranked high in report [SF Business Times]

3096793996_991b17cf41Surely at some point in your prolific undergraduate career, you’ve produced an analytical masterpiece simply bursting at its eight-to-ten-page seams with eloquently abstracted brilliance far too groundbreaking to quietly staple and shove into a pile of your fellow students’ Adderall-driven crap.

Which of course is the basis for The Folio, UC Berkeley’s one and only Academic English Journal: for those of you hoarding your essay on nihilistic imagery in Wallace if for no other reason than to occasionally gaze at those “very goods” scribbled in the margins with a glowing sense of pride.

Are we speakin’ your language? So are the good folks at The Folio, who will be having an Acquisition Party this Saturday, Oct. 2 at 7 p.m. at the Davis House Co-op — 2833 Bancroft Steps. We hear tell there will be noms.

Image Source: emilybean under Creative Commons
The Folio [site]
Earlier: Be Hipper Than Thou

You want to know what’s cool? Guerilla activism. You, like, go around hanging up fliers over High School Musical posters (hruh?), and you, like, climb on door frames and spray paint things onto the sidewalks. You raise your hand in a group discussion setting of some sort …

Because you’re just that cool. All of this must be done in the dead of night, obviously. Did we mention that? No? Good, because if you’re really cool, it shouldn’t need to be said.

And if you really want to take your hipness to the next level, read more »


In need of a little sexual healing? We might actually be able to help you out. No, not like that.

Today marks the beginning of Sexual Health Awareness Week, so you can thank the good people at the Tang center for these next five days of helpful workshops, free condoms, and other naughty treats.

You can find all the details online, so we won’t bore you with times and locations, but we will include the themes for each of the next few days:

Monday: Self-Love

Tuesday: Sex in a College Setting

Wednesday: Creative Sex

Thursday: Feeling Sexy?

Friday: Relationship Awareness Day & Alternative Relationships

Given that broad selection, we’re sure you can find something that tickles your fancy. And hey, even if you don’t, you can at least score a handful or two of free rubbers.

Image source: Mark Sadowski under Creative Commons
Sexual Health Awareness Week [Facebook]

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