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So, you know when you’ve got a nagging little question weighing you down, and you check Wikipedia for the answer, and some pretentious fool tells you that Wikipedia isn’t a valid source, and you throw your computer in their face?

Well, maybe not that last part. But you get what we’re saying.

By and large, Wikipedia is one of the most useful and least respected tools that we’ve got in this world of ours, and it’s about time someone decided to fix the (mostly incorrect) notion that Wikipedia is unreliable.

Oh wait, there totally are people who match that very description, and one of them is UC Berkeley assistant professor Brian Carver. A few semesters ago, he was inspired by the oh-so-brilliant minds of his many students, and decided to incorporate Wikipedia into his classes’ assignments. Carver has his students “publish” their thoroughly researched work onto the online encyclopedia, in an effort to simultaneously rehabilitate our go-to database and keep students engaged with the material.

Clearly, the plan has been working, because this semester, Wikipedia expanded upon the idea by joining forces with nine other public universities (plus our very own UCB). The WikiProject Public Policy Initiative “aims to improve the quality [of Wikipedia] … by having students and professors create and update content as part of their course work,” which means that you might actually be able to cite the smarty pants sitting next to you in your next paper.

Take that, JSTOR.

Image Source: Robertolyra under Wikimedia Commons
UC Berkeley Students Help Improve Wikipedia’s Credibility [UC Berkeley News]


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