Guess what, Star Wars geeks! Now you can add one more bit of trivia that you can whip out like a light saber when your foes challenge you to a duel for nerd supremacy to your arsenal of metaphorical trivia light sabers.

According to, the biggest spoiler that was ever spoiled in the pre-Internet age was spoiled right here in Berkeley, two years before “The Empire Strikes Back” was released.

OK, SPOILER ALERT: Darth Vader is Luke’s father. As the person wearing the Darth Vader suit, actor David Prowse apparently knew that and apparently didn’t see any problem with announcing it to a crowd of adoring fans, among whom was a reporter for (we think) the Examiner. IN BERKELEY! We’re famous, guys. Like, 30 years removed. Also, to be fair, his quote was kind of loopy and … sort of not accurate:

“Father can’t kill son, son can’t kill father,” Prowse said. “So they live again to star to star in “Star Wars IV.” (Wild cheers.)

Craziness. That’s right, trolls who went around telling everybody (spoiler alert) Dumbledore dies. David Prowse and Berkeley (kind of) beat you at your own game! What.

Star Wars – Luke I am your father [YouTube]
Did David Prowse Ruin ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Two Years Before Release [Slash Film], via Daily Cal reporter Javier Panzar

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