5343623250_706e3e606e_bTest your “emotional intelligence” with a short quiz developed by UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. Based in part on research by Berkeley psychologist Dacher Keltner, the quiz has you determine the emotion conveyed in twenty different facial expressions. We may have had a little trouble distinguishing pain from disgust and love from compassion, but at least we can look forward to the upcoming “empathy training tool,” which is sure to steer us clear of such heinous misinterpretations in the future.

Body Language Quiz [Greater Good]
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Not really… but close enough. They may not be the diamonds you hoped for, but do these twinkling stars bring you tranquility, and do you ever wonder what makes them shine oh so bright?

Perhaps date night is approaching, and you are racking your brain trying to come up with a romantic plan for your beloved. Maybe you’re simply trying to find a way to ditch nerding out with your textbooks on a Saturday night.

No matter the reason, you are not alone. Join all the coolest partiers in town at the Lawrence Hall of Science Plaza every Saturday 8:00-10:00 p.m, until March and from 9:00-11:00 p.m. beginning April. Not only will you get free access to telescopes, you will also get to speak to astronomers and learn about our vast and vivid galaxy. Bill Nye, our favorite science guy would be so proud!

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Saturday Night Stargazing at the Lawrence Hall of Science Plaza:  [http://lawrencehallofscience.org/visit/exhibits/stargazing]

Berkeley has booked an incredibly successful female politician to teach four seminars. Before all the Hillary fans get too excited, this person actually succeeded at becoming the first female president. That’s right! It’s former president of Chile Michelle Bachelet!

As head of the United Nations new Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, Bachelet will discuss a variety of topics ranging from the difficulties she handled during her time as president to the issue of women’s rights.

Bachelet is no stranger to UC Berkeley and has made two previous visits. She also has a pretty impressive track record, with an approval rating of over 80 percent when she left office in 2010. This popularity is accredited not only to her support of social programs, but her capability in the face of a major financial crisis in 2008.

The first seminar was on Feb. 18 and the next three have currently undecided dates. Don’t miss the chance to hear this experienced leader in person!

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Former Chilean president to teach CLAS seminar [UC Berkeley NewsCenter]


UC Berkeley campus can be beautiful; most of us students are just more often than not rushing to class, stressed and frazzled. How many times have we dismissed the vastly growing plants, and the slow, gentle trickle of water? This dismissal attitude cannot possibly be attributed entirely to classes, for how many of us are actually that eager to attend class? Perhaps the reason we don’t frequent this blessed land called Strawberry Creek, is because our environmental instincts are screaming to us that this bank is damaged and unhealthy, in other words, not worth our time.

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chocolateValentine’s Day was not long ago, and if you’re in the sort of relationship that such traditions are practiced (or of the mind that you should practice them on your own), this likely meant the consumption of large amounts of chocolate. And it’s not a bad tradition.

Chocolate is delicious. As a friend of the Clog recently noted, “I have been let down more often by women than I have by chocolate.”

But it’s not all sunshine and heart-shaped packaging, oh no. It seems chocolate has a “dark side” and some folks in Interdisciplinary Human Rights Minor feel it appropriate to remind you of that. They’re screening a film entitled “The Dark Side of Chocolate” in 300 Wheeler on Wednesday from 6:30-8:30p.m.

We like to think that there are some things that there is simply nothing bad to be said about, and we wish chocolate was one of those things … but knowledge is power, right?

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“The Dark Side of Chocolate” Film Screening [Facebook]

The Clog brings you our weekend assortment of the free, the delightful and the delightfully free.

grilled cheese

Wasabi grilled cheese sandwiches will (sadly) not be present at the Techshop's grand opening but, not to fear, those of the non-green and non-spicy variety will.


Sifting through the many layers of awesome that is the name, “Super-Gigantic Halflifers DVD Mega-Release Party,” tonight’s edition of [email protected]: Friday Nights at the Berkeley Art Museum, couldn’t possibly compare with actually sitting through the waves of awesome that is an “omnidirectional, construction-colored exploration vehicle” followed by an “anthro-engineered dough object—by which we mean a sugar-frosted biomemory conduit activated by physical ingestion,” by which we hope they mean food.

Or lindybomb the Engineers and Scientists Spring Social! To “lindybomb” someplace is to unleash a maelstorm of social dance upon unsuspecting bystanders in what appears to be a spontaneous gathering of dancers. There’ll be a free lesson, too, at some point. read more »

comicreliefBerkeley just got a little less nerdy, which means a little less cool to many Berkeleyans. Comic Relief finally closed on Monday, after experiencing a lengthy period of inner turmoil, beginning with the death of its acclaimed owner two years ago until the more recent layoffs. In fact, financial issues were so severe at one point that their distributor refused to send them new releases.

Let’s look on the bright side though. At least they held out until Valentine’s Day, so that a large percentage of Berkeley’s population was not left comicless and dateless.

But have no fear! It is rumored that Dark Carnival will reopen the store under a new name. RIP Comic Relief, you will be sorely missed by everyone — not just the bespectacled outcasts who haunted your premises.

Image Source: Allan Ferguson under Creative Commons
Comic Relief Closes [Berkeleyside]

4624971087_f42857220dIf you’re anything like us, you may have been intrigued by the name of Dale Stephens’ entrepreneurial brainchild. “UnCollege?” we thought. “Sounds edgy.” But if you’re anything like us, that interest was probably notably diminished after reading the associated subtitle: “Home-Schooling for College Students.” Hmm.

According to the website, the goal of UnCollege is to:

“[connect] a network of independent learners to mentors to support learning from real-world experiences and self-designed projects to complement traditional higher education.”

Stephens, a freshman at Hendrix College and the founder of UnCollege, was home-schooled throughout childhood and sees no reason why the at-home learning experience shouldn’t carry over into higher education. “I don’t feel that I’ve learned things that I couldn’t have learned on my own,” he stated recently, maintaining that traditional colleges are not only lacking in academic rigor, but also that — with more than 70 percent of high school graduates attending college — degrees no longer guarantee success.

That all seems fair … and almost noble. After all, it’s about restoring the primacy of learning to higher education! Knowledge, enlightenment and all that.

But while we can appreciate the sentiment, we just can’t see something like this catching on. Despite the fact that UnCollege won’t grant any official degrees, it still “costs $100 per month to attend and has a few required assignments.” Assignments? Money? UnCollege is starting to sound a bit too much like regular college, just perhaps with a higher acceptance rate into UnEmployment. Sign us up!

Uncollege: Home-schooling For College Students [Huffinton Post]
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5303870159_bbc9f34467Too bad the stormy shenanigans of late feel like anything but spring. It’s all the more reason to get cozy indoors with this semester’s SUPERB film line-up:

- Tangled (Feb. 25)
- Tron: Legacy (March 4)
- True Grit (April 7)
- Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (April 22)

Also, if the weather gods permit, we can all enjoy the following concerts Lower Sproul-styles:

- Birdhouse (Feb. 18)
- The Mumlers (Feb. 25)
- Hosannas (March 4)
- White Arrows (April 1)
- Atlas (April 8 ) read more »

4674998702_b13405cdbeUnfortunately, dear Cloggy readers, said empowerment is technically only applicable to “women of color of all ages, abilities, socio-economic and citizenship status, sexualities, religions, and cultural backgrounds.” Sucks for the rest of you, right?

Exclusivity aside, we’re pretty excited about the upcoming 26th Annual Empowering Women of Color Conference. Courtesy of the Graduate Assembly’s Women of Color Initiative, EWOCC invites the aforementioned demographic to check out multiple speakers, DJs, spoken word and various noms.

For those of you who fall under that umbrella (and everyone else, really; we’re pretty sure they won’t hate), the conference — entitled “Building Across Difference: Inciting A Movement of Our Own” — will take place this Saturday, Feb. 19 from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the MLK Student Union, with a reception following from 5:30 to 7:00.

Registration deets here. Students get in free!

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26th Annual Empowering Women of Color Conference at UC Berkeley [site]
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