Fact: all-nighters are our favorite way to crank out last-minute, P.O.S. papers. The time crunch and general haze of sleeplessness do wonders for numbing our guilty conscience.

Not that the exhausted delirium that follows is always fun. And according to new research out of UC Berkeley and Harvard, said derangement goes beyond really, really wanting a nap.

Apparently, that “short-term euphoria” can read more »

todoLet’s face it. Some of us spend so much time in bed that we’ve almost formed some sort of weird conjoined being with our mattress. For those of us who need a little bit of a kick in the rear to get motivated or maybe for those who are just looking a place to network, Towson senior Steven Weinstein has created a pretty awesome website.

The site, Before I Graduate College, is a place where users can post their ambitions and cross off what has already been achieved. But check this out — users can also comment on others’ goals and offer to help them.

This site is basically full of win. Feeling of actual productiveness for making a to-do list? Check. Feeling of accomplishment for showing people who can possibly help? Check. Being a little less of an under-achiever? Check.

Image Source: jordan clarke under Creative Commons
Before I Graduate College Aims To Help Students Achieve Their Goals [The Huffington Post]

yarnbombEver feel like those grey bike racks look a little depressed? Well, yarn-bomber Streetcolor has given one bike rack in front of what used to be Black Oak Books a little bit of a pick-me-up.

With works in Palo Alto, Sacramento, San Jose, Oakland and even Paris, Streetcolor tries to keep her identity hidden. That can be a bit difficult when your friends are rascals who, as she says, shout out your real name as they drive past.

The location was chosen because Streetcolor sees the bike rack when she goes to The Cheese Board and the Berkeley Farmers’ Market. Yarn-bombing in Berkeley, she says, is like “decorating (her) home.” Maybe the city should hire Streetcolor as our exterior decorator.

Image Source: Diana Li, Courtesy
A squiggly bike rack gets a woolly makeover in Berkeley [Berkeleyside]

pizzaWe’ll keep this short, because you need all time you can get to eat. Pepe’s Pizza, which opened at 2516 Durant on March 10, offers a $6.99 buffet. No, you read correctly. $6.99 for all the pizza you can eat.

And its not just pizza. The buffet includes salad, soup, pizza, pasta, soft drinks and – yeah, that’s right, chocolate dessert pizza. So hurry up and get there before we eat everything!

Image Source: squidpants under Creative Commons
Open near campus: Pepe’s Pizza for hungry folk [Berkeleyside]

comicThey’re baaaaaack. Out of the ashes of Comic Relief comes The Escapist, which opened on March 15 at 3090 Claremont Avenue.

The new store features the old stock of Comic Relief, bought by mystery, fantasy and science fiction book store Dark Carnival. The man behind The Escapist, Jack Rems, not only bought the stock, but hired everyone who still worked at Comic Relief when it closed.

Although the store’s shelves are currently a wee bit lacking, the stock will definitely be increasing, says employee Ray Morales. The sort-of reopening is a blessing for those shaking from Comic Relief withdrawals. Plus, considering all the local stores that have closed recently, its nice to know that we Berkeleyans still have some of our priorities straight. Best news ever.

Image Source: Seth W. under Creative Commons
The Escapist comic book store opens on Claremont [Berkeleyside]

2011-03-16 18.07.57

The Clog just got back from “Abstract Now/Then” — a BAM/PFA extravaganza centered around the museum’s featured exhibit on (you guessed it) abstract art from the last half-century or so — and we’re feeling pretty darn educated by the whole experience. Things that we learned include but are by no means limited to: read more »

stoplightImagine  walking along the crosswalk in Berkeley (your right of way), minding your own business, when all of a sudden you hear a screeching sound on the pavement; your breath catches in your chest, your heart is racing and you jump back in alarm. This must have happened at some point in your life. People inevitably drive fast and oftentimes relentlessly, and if they have no prior warning or do not pay attention to warnings, results are bad, all bad.

Think about it: You could have been hit. Well, true story. A six-year-old girl was crossing near Malcolm X Elementary School, when she was suddenly hit by an oncoming car. After two whole years, the city is finally recognizing how dangerous a lack of warning signs is and has planned to spend over $54,000 on creating new alerts, including flashing lights and a repainted crosswalk. Recent updates indicate that they now hope to finish by September. Accidents happen daily; City of Berkeley, hurry it up!

Image Source: Taber Andrew Under Creative Commons
Berkeley Parents Protest Delay on School Traffic Lights [Inside Bay Area]


The accolades just keep rolling in. Seems like just yesterday (it was) that we were proudly boasting UC Berkeley’s impressive ranking on the Global Language Monitor’s list of “Buzzworthy Schools.”

And now we discover we have the fourth best reputation in the whole wide academic world? Ego = seriously stroked.

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings incorporate evaluations of 13,388 institutions of higher learning in 131 countries. The 2011 survey found that read more »

yogurtImagine what you would do with $18.5 million dollars. Buy an obscene amount of frozen yogurt? Obviously. However, Jonathan Rose Co., who bought the El Granada, probably wouldn’t be in business if they were as fiscally irresponsible as we are.

The El Granada, the building which contains Chipotle, San Francisco Soup Company, Yogurtland, American Apparel, Jamba Juice and a residential complex, was bought by the New York-based company, which plans to make it more green.

The previous owners Ed Munger Sr. and his brother, Maynard, had difficulty selling the building as it had been in their family for several generations. We would too if it housed that much amazing food.

Image Source:  e.t under Creative Commons
Berkeley building sold for $18.5 million [Mercury News]

beautyAs we all know, there is little that is more important than being internet famous. Thanks to a recent ranking done by the Global Language Monitor, we can now safely wear our Cal colors with pride. UC Berkeley was placed at number eight on the list of most buzzed about universities in the U.S.

The Monitor used data spanning from social media, blogs, and over 75,000 print and electronic sources from the last day of 2009 to the last day of 2010 to choose their top schools. This method was intended to make the survey less biased because it relied on public opinion more than college counselors and university officials, though some raise objections to the validity of this.

It’s unlikely that all of the buzz we’re receiving on the internet is good, but hey, at least we’re keeping it interesting.

Image Source: cattias.photos under Creative Commons
Buzzworthy Schools: Which Universities Have The Largest Internet Presence? [The Huffington Post]

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