credit cardAs we come up on mid-April, also known as the dreaded tax season, adults all over the nation feel the stress of getting their dues in on time. Living on a college campus, we generally don’t see this hubbub of taxy time but it prompted some researchers to wonder: How exactly do college students manage their finances?

Obviously, one of the things that makes college so kick ass is increased freedom in personal decisions. However, this doesn’t necessarily result in better decisions as brain development — an important factor in good decision-making — isn’t complete until the early twenties. So what exactly did these researchers discover about college students’ financial decisions?

One study found that financial behavior worsens as a student progresses through college. While 49 percent of seniors neglected to pay their credit-card balances, only 29 percent of freshman failed to do the same thing. Additionally, seniors were far more likely to report credit card debt than freshmen (78 percent of seniors compared to 49 percent of freshman to be exact). Despite the grim statistics, students are still more likely to write good checks and pay bills on time than they are to budget their money or balance a checkbook. Well, at least there’s some good news.

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College Students’ Financial Literacy and Behavior [Psychology Today]


After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

To those of you who are spending this weekend in a state of soporific depression because you’re anywhere but Coachella, thank your lucky stars — you have narrowly avoided “dying from a drug overdose, alcohol poisoning, sex game gone wrong accident or be murdered by a Ecstasy induced wizard.”

Yes, you read that right (grammatical deficiencies and all). The facts can be found here, but be warned, they are terrifying to conceive. Tyson Bowers III has broken down every illusion about the musical festival to its bare-boned reality, which is this: read more »

vinylAfter you’re done scoring a bunch of completely unnecessary, but somehow completely indispensable free stuff from Cal Day, you should swing over to a record store. This Saturday, April 16, is Record Store Day, which celebrates independent music stores all across the country.

Amoeba Music will have a bunch of ultra-rare vinyl and CDs, along with gift bags for purchase and other surprises. Al Jardine, founding member of the Beach Boys, will be there for a signing and two different DJs will play sets. If for some ridiculous reason you’re not convinced, then Amoeba is offering another enticing event: The Lonely Island.

If you pre-order “Turtleneck & Chain”, their new album, then you will receive a wristband which allows you to get into a Q&A session with the guys. So embrace your inner hipster and stop by to not only get some sweet music, but also support a great cause.

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Amoeba Music Official Site [Site]

2323053026_267013487a_mThe next time you hear a professor complain about a pay cut, just mention the following fact. According to a report by the American Association of University Professors, UC Berkeley professors are among the top-earning in the nation. Berkeley has landed number 13 on the list of highest average annual salaries of university professors with a respectable $149, 100.

The highest paying university is Harvard (because no one was expecting that) with an average annual salary of $193, 800. And right above us on the list is fellow UC, UCLA, with $153,700. With all these budget cuts, it’s nice to see that at least some people at Berkeley are still getting money.

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The Highest-Paying Colleges: American Association of University Professors Study [Huffington Post]

bookBad news for book lovers. Peter Howard, owner of Serendipity Books on University Avenue passed away on March 31. His death came just seven and a half months after that of his wife.

Howard was a graduate student and teacher here at UC Berkeley when he sold a set of works by D.H. Lawrence. He quit school once he realized that placing books with good owners was much more satisfying.

Howard was renowned for his extensive rare book collection. Serendipity is so loaded with books that it looks almost like a bibliophile’s bomb shelter.

Although there will be changes at Serendipity, it will stay open. And Howard’s legacy will stay with it.

Image Source: Phil Moore under Creative Commons
Peter Howard, owner of Serendipity Books, dies [Berkeleyside]

9730353_f423df1396This story seems designed to necessitate stupid puns. We’ll spare you the jokes about greenhouses and blazing and cut to the chase: Licensed weed growers, according to a recent report, are speeding along global warming.

The study, conducted at our very own Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, took into account the substantial energy required to cultivate medical marijuana indoors –  about one percent of the nation’s overall supply and three percent of California’s — as well as the carbon dioxide produced as a result, which amounts to 17 million metric tons annually and which doesn’t even include the CO2 exhaled when people smoke.

To the untrained eye, these stats do look somewhat outrageous; and according to read more »

trophyWe know what you’re thinking: You haven’t gotten your weekly dose of Berkeley bragging. Well, here it is.

Martin White, professor of both physics and astronomy here at UC Berkeley was recently awarded a Guggenheim fellowship. If you’re smart enough to be one of the 180 scholars, artists and scientists from the United States and Canada to receive one of these grants, then your life’s looking pretty sweet for the six to 12 months it lasts.

The once-in-a-lifetime grant (literally) allows its recipient to work with limited restrictions. What is White going to do with his newfound money? He plans to use data from the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS), which attempts to constrain dark energy and theories of gravity (whatever that means).

Image Source: Shorts and Longs | The Both And under Creative Commons
Astronomer Martin White named 2011 Guggenheim Fellow [UC Berkeley NewsCenter]

Flyer - Lollipop - Paint

Don’t Let Me Be Lonely: A Photography Exhibit | UC Berkeley Art Studio | Opening Reception | Friday April 15th | 6-9pm

We here at the Clog are no novices when it comes to cell-phone photography: the paltry megapixel count won’t deter us from firing up that camera app and capturing the nearest scene of interest in a grainy, vintage sepia.

But despite our love for the mobile art, we could never claim to have our work featured in our own exhibition. That honor would instead have to go to Desmond Goble, Sean Mancillas and Matthew Quan – creators of the tumblr poundingserfs – whose photographs will be on display at the UC Berkeley Art Studio beginning this Friday in a show entitled “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely.”

The three friends live in different parts of the state, but maintain their blog of unedited cell snapshots to “document their individual surroundings and create a photographic dialogue.” Hmm. So is it art, or just a picture of someone’s breakfast? Goble, Mancillas and Quan’s beautifully subtle collection has managed to convince us that it can be both.

Don’t Let Me Be Lonely opens this Friday, April 15, with a reception from 6-9 p.m. We’ll be going, despite the fact that the featured photographs will undoubtedly make our own “hipstamatic” cell snapshots look like garbage. But it’s okay; we only took those photos ironically…

Don’t Let Me Be Lonely [Bay Area Arts]
Image Source: Matthew Quan

2301446492_f24066caaaWe’re super stoked on life, guyz, and we really need to share. As if the prospect of free ice cream on the morrow wasn’t awesome enough, the Clog just discovered that this is apparently Global Outreach Week at Berkeley — which is in fact a great deal more exciting than it sounds.

For starters, tomorrow will not only be a day of charitable cones, but also the ASUC-sponsored food festival “Taste of Berkeley” in Lower Sproul. Although said festival sadly will not be free of charge (we’re assuming), the insatiable foodie within us really could not care less.

Gluttony aside, the week’s about much more than stuffing our faces; today at 5:30 p.m., for instance, read more »

3762643879_78040a2739If the FB guest list of 1,500-plus is any indication, you’ve probably already heard that the Ben and Jerry’s on Center Street will be giving out free cones tomorrow from 12 to 8 p.m.

What you may not know is that the nomtastic event will serve as (rather than simply an ode to overindulgence) Camp Kesem’s fundraiser for the children of parents who have or have had cancer.

It’s like chicken soup for the soul, but even more delicious. WINNING.

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Free Cone Day with Ben and Jerry’s [Facebook]
Earlier: Zanzibar Coffee House

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