323371248_0e0d156c1cThis spring, a new Berkeley program attempted to pry our noses out of the books. The Berkeley Arts Seminars, a part of the Freshman and Sophomore Seminars program and organized by the Berkeley Arts Research Center, incorporates the range of art present on campus into the class seminar itself.

Students went to at least two different art venues on campus, the admissions to which were provided by a donor. It is a chance to actually experience some of the topics covered in class.

It’s kind of like having field trips, except none of them are so mind-numbingly dull that they made you daydream about sitting in a classroom.

Image Source: EuroMagic under under Creative Commons
Faculty, Freshmen Get Taste of Campus Arts Scene [College of Letters and Science]

Diana said:
Jun 2, 2011 at 6:50 pm

this picture is weird…