"What? I'm being poisoned?"

We think we’re so advanced and smart and safe with our wide selection of inflammable infant products (because you never know what those little suckers will do, right?), but a recent UC Berkeley study has found seven times the amount of toxic flame retardants in the blood of Latino children in the US than those living in Mexico.

A specific type of flame retardant (halogenated, or those with bromine or chlorine) “can cause endocrine disruption, immunotoxicity, reproductive toxicity, cancer, and adverse effects on fetal and child development and on neurologic function.” In other words, this is serious, folks.

On top of all that, these are legally required in many infant products but not for these same products’ covers, which means all that toxicity might not even keep the baby from being engulfed in flames along with his/her cute little baby chair, which is the tragic little image we’ll leave you with today, as we send you off to a more informative piece on what exactly this all means.

Image source: The Facey Family under Creative Commons
Toxic flame retardants found in many foam products [UC Berkeley Newscenter]
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