baconThis Sunday is Bay to Breakers‘ centennial celebration: One hundred years of evolution have fine-tuned the 12K footrace into a handy excuse to dress up and start drinking at 6 AM. Truly, transformation at its finest.

Those of us able to get our exhausted, post-finals-partying asses out to the city this weekend will get to revel at pirates and human crayons, smurfs, grapes, walking bacon strips and on and on. There’ll be people dressed as bears chasing people dressed as salmon “upstream” (backwards on the race course), and of course San Francisco’s premiere collection of wrinkling nudists will read more »

Lance Iversen/San Francisco Chronicle

A new restaurant will be opening later this summer at 2826 Telegraph Avenue, not far from Andronico’s in what was once home to a revolving door of unlucky restaurants (most recently, Locanda da Eva). Will Origen, the child of Nibblers Eatery‘s chefs Daniel Clayton and Trace Leighton, be the one to stay?

Look for a selection of international small plates, a daily changing prix fixe menu and in-house wood-fired pizza, all made from sustainable, locally sourced ingredients. We’re thinking Origen, which is Catalan for “from the source,” will be something like a Gather meets Cesar love child.

Image source: Lance Iversen/ SF Chronicle
Origen headed to Berkeley’s Telegraph Avenue [Inside Scoop]

After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

Even for those of us who place a relatively low value on our personal space, death by overcrowding sounds rather unpleasant. It’s disconcerting, then, to hear that said phenomenon might not be so farfetched — or far in the future — as we’d like to think.

According to an article authored by Malcolm Potts (of UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health) and Martha Campbell (president of Venture Strategies for Health and Development), the United Nations’ read more »


Maybe we’re jumping the gun a bit on the summer status (although not if this weather has anything to say about it); but if you’re like us — i.e. poor — you’ll need plenty of time to financially strategize vis-a-vis all these shows.

At The Fox: read more »

yudof_by_Annie-LiuAnd we use the word “ridiculous” to the greatest possible degree of endearment … when it comes to his twitter feed, at least.

A couple of gems for you: Clip of me next to Chancellor White in @undercover_cbs segment reminds me of the movie Twins. I’m playing @DannyDevito Cursive writing appears to be on the decline. Sensitive subject for me. Flunked handwriting in the fifth grade.
And most importantly:
Don’t forget to call your mother!
We leave you with this:
Goose meanders on hw24, tying up traffic. Commuters take a gander. Didn’t let it get me down.
Image Source: Annie Liu, Daily Cal
Mark Yudof [Twitter]
Earlier: Hey, Here Are Some Ridiculous Things About Mark Yudof

stuffThis dead weak, some of us Cal students are actually being proactive. This Friday, May 6 from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Berkeley Institute of Design is holding its first “DesignFest,” a Human-Centered Design Tradeshow which displays products UC Berkeley students have made as solutions to real-life problems.

Products are created to help all sorts of people, ranging from the elderly to surfers, or maybe elderly surfers — you never know. The event will take place in the open-air breezeway between Etcheverry and in the Wozniak Lounge of Soda Hall. There will supposedly be something for us ladies who suffer from the cruel reality of high heels, so if you like your feet in one piece, make sure to check it out.

Image Source: lambertwm under Creative Commons
DesignFest [UC Berkeley Events]


It’s a time of major changes, folks — and we’re not talking about a certain bit of breaking news that’s taken over our Facebook feeds. Nope, the Clog’s a lot more excited about the farthest reaches of the universe. Which, thanks to good old science, have now been cast in a whole new light.

The Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS. Yussss) — headed by researchers with the third Sloan Digital Sky Survey, including Lawrence Berkeley Lab’s David Schlegel — has put together “the biggest 3-D map of the universe ever made.” read more »

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