resurected recordingScientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) are raising the dead, you might say, if by “the dead” you mean sound recordings that are old and super banged up. The phrase “damaged beyond repair” is getting a serious ass kicking from scientists like Dr. Carl Haber his team of fearless researchers.

By applying methods used in high energy physics to recorded voice patterns, this innovative bunch has found a way to give sounds from the past a new voice. The science itself gets a wee bit tricky, but it involves a light beam scanning surfaces and deciphering the peaks and troughs it finds into something audible.

So maybe it’s a little like creating sound zombies, but until the recordings start running around trying to eat us, we’re going to go ahead and say that this is pretty darn cool.

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Scientists build software to resurrect old recordings [abc7 news]

operaglassesDon’t worry, not the school kind of class. In case you were too busy (or maybe lazy, we don’t judge) to make it all the way into San Francisco for the free concert on July 24, there’s something a lot closer to home for you.

On Aug. 5 and 6, the Berkeley Summer Symphony will perform in Hertz Concert Hall from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tickets are technically free, but if you want to reach deep into your lamentably shallow college student pockets to support the always-in-need arts, the suggested donation is $10.

The Summer Symphony will play a Beethoven Overture, two Mussorgsky pieces, and another piece by Berlioz. The Symphony consists mostly of students, though it does have members from all over the Bay Area. If you still don’t feel classy enough from simply going to see the Symphony, maybe try bringing a pair of opera glasses and talking in an English accent.

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UC Berkeley Events [Site]


We here at the Clog love college rankings, especially the ones that rank Berkeley at the top — or at least above Stanford. So when we heard that PayScale recently announced college rankings based on graduate salaries, we couldn’t wait to see our wonderful institution of higher learning at the top. Think about it: another high ranking to brag about (see mom and dad, these loans are totally worth it!) and the promise of a high salary. Talk about a win-win.

But then we saw the rankings, and boy were we disappointed. When ranked by mid-career median salaries, UC Berkeley came in read more »

unclesamBeauty comes at a price, and the Berkeley Rose Garden knows this all too well. There is a lack of funding to maintain the Garden and it’s looking a little worse for the wear.

Plus, Friends of the Berkeley Rose Garden, which was founded to aid with the Garden’s maintenance, needs more volunteers. The group currently only has six members — an insufficient number to get all of the work done. Ideally, these new volunteers will be younger, said group volunteer Christina Platt.

Although the Berkeley Landmark will receive $325,000 from the city, that too will not be enough to restore the park to its former glory, as $4,000,000 worth of repairs was suggested. The pergola (archway), the pathway, and the disabled accessibility are the things that are highest on the agenda.

Volunteering doesn’t require any serious commitment. Simply show up at the Berkeley Rose Garden any Sunday at 9:00 a.m. Be there or be square!

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Berkeley Rose Garden Needs a Little Help from Its Friends [Berkeley Patch]

all-three-blogSpanSupporters of Berkeley graduates Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, who have been detained for nearly two years on charges of espionage in Iran, have organized a Week of Action called One Million Voices for Shane and Josh, urging people to flood the Interests Section of the Islam Republic of Iran in Washington, D.C. with messages of support. Their trial date is set for July 31, exactly two years after they and fellow hiker Sarah Shourd, who was released last September, were arrested.

Beginning Monday, July 25th, 8AM EST through Friday, July 29th, 5pm EST (the week before their trial in Tehran) call the Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Washington D.C. at (202) 965-4990 with the following message:

“I am a supporter of Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal. I know that the two are not spies and urge you to release them and allow them to travel home to their families tomorrow.”

Please remember to be polite and respectful.

Just like our mommas always told us. We really hope that still works.

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Yesterday, individual tickets for Cal football went on sale and, to no surprise, the homecoming game against USC — possibly the biggest home game of the season — is already sold out.

Before you begin cursing vociferously at this news from the comforts of your local Starbucks, we want to remind you that you still have an opportunity to see Cal get some sweet revenge against the Trojans after last year’s shellacking at Memorial Coliseum.

Season tickets are still available for the Bears’ season in the city. However, returning students beware: tomorrow, July 27, read more »

i quit biatch!

A study by UC Berkeley researchers released last week shows that the teacher turnover rate is much higher at Los Angeles charter schools than at the city’s traditional public schools. The 2007-08 school year saw 45 percent of charter middle and high school teachers quit before the next school year compared with 14 to 23 percent for public schools.

Reasoning behind these crappy numbers? Choose one from below: read more »

In the debut installment of our newest special, the Clog turns the tables on a troll.

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Berkeley Personalities: Diana Li [YouTube]

Take a walkWalking in Berkeley is not only a pleasurable experience (the trees are pretty nice to look at), but also an extraordinarily convenient one. On a standard day, you can walk from home to class, to get groceries, to home (again), back to class, to BART, to just about anywhere.

The point is, Berkeley is a walking city. Leave driving to foolish visitors and people willing to shell out the time and expenses that having a car here necessitates, because your own two feet are the best transportation you’ll find. In fact, Berkeley is so foot-friendly, ranked it as California’s fifth most walkable city. West Hollywood, Albany, San Francisco and Santa Monica took the top four positions, respectively, which puts Berkeley in some pretty legit company.

Scoring 82 points out of 100 put us in the “very walkable” category, which makes sense, considering that just about anything you need to do in Berkeley can be accomplished with a good pair of sneakers and a willingness to be accosted by people on the sidewalks asking you to sign petitions or give them money for one thing or the other.

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Berkeley Strolls into the Top Ranks for Walkability [Berkeley Patch]

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At some point you’ve surely asked yourself: “Why is the Clog so freaking cool?” We know — our snarky, laid-back, couldn’t-care-less ‘tude is an enviable state; but it’s easier to achieve than you might think. The answer? Alcohol, dearest friends. Or rather, super chill locations at which to imbibe. And we’re not talking about the played-out places in the immediate campus vicinity. It’s time for you to think outside the UC Berkeley bubble …

The Starry Plough
Located on Shattuck Avenue just a couple blocks south of Ashby Avenue, the Starry Plough is easily one of the pubbiest Irish pubs that ever pubbed, and read more »

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