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The new Amazon Kindles! Finally a book killer?

Posted By Bon Jin Koo On Oct 1, 2011 @ 4:18 pm In Sci/Tech | Comments Disabled

kindle picTo usher in the beginning of October, the online retailing giant Amazon introduces a revamped line of Kindle products [1]. Is it finally time to get rid of our lowly books of paper? Not quite.

If you’re hoping for a product review [2], this is the wrong place to look. Ever since the Kindle was first introduced [3] in 2007, the hype over this thing brought forth doom for books made from measly paper. Students today can even benefit from renting textbooks [4] via Kindle, which can seriously lower book costs. However, the Kindle can never replace a book.

Yes, the ability to carry a whole library with you seems impressive … so why doesn’t everyone do it? Last time we checked real books don’t suffer from glitches and lack of battery. No matter how impressive the Kindle’s battery life is, it’s still a “book” you need to charge. No electricity? Too bad, so sad.

Why bother with Kindle? Quite honestly, no one really needs an iPod, just as no one really needs a Kindle. And the Kindle Fire [5]? Amazon wants a tasty piece of the tablet market as well.

So before buying a shiny, new Kindle, think about your lifestyle. Carry around a bunch of books like an overzealous nerd? A Kindle might be for you. Don’t even own enough books into double digits? Don’t bother. The page turning is slow as molasses anyway.

Image Source: jwordsmith [6] under Creative Commons

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