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The study group solution

Posted By Bon Jin Koo On Oct 27, 2011 @ 9:22 am In Sandbox | Comments Disabled


With more than half the semester already over, retaining information for those dreaded finals (or even more midterms) becomes exceedingly difficult for us non-geniuses. Instead of boring you with tips on forming a study group you can find via CollegeBoard via Google [1], we would like to give our own take on studying in a group. True, some students study better flying solo, but group learning can help retain information in two ways.

The first way is the Boring Way. This method includes the act of studying intently and sharing intelligence with your group. Reserve this technique when important tests come up. This way produces maximum information retention, but prepare yourself mentally for some intense thinking. How could this be better than studying alone? If you study with friends, their presence alone usually is enough to help you go through hours of grueling suffering reviewing material.

Now for the FUN WAY. Yes, it requires all caps. The FUN WAY entails less information retention, but hear us out before you pass over this method as useless. When you know you won’t be having tests for a while, convince your friends to have a study session. Put on English accents and try teaching others the material. Fool around. Go off on tangents but come back to studying occasionally. Sounds crazy? As long as you keep the group four or under [2], an interesting effect happens. By placing yourself in a relaxing environment [3], you actually tend to retain information better than cramming all night.

Now that you’re equipped with the proper methods, go study hard! Just remember how many people you study with: two’s great, three’s fine, four’s okay but five’s a party.

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