Sexiest costume ever.

Apparently the best costume ever.

Halloween weekend is finally here and we are sure that most of you are either putting finishing touches on your elaborate costumes or, laughing at such a waste of energy, throwing on a Santa hat and calling it a day (can you guess where we lie on the spectrum?). As we all know, thinking up of costume designs can be an overwhelming task — limited only by your imagination and amount of disposable income.

That said, while some go off the beaten path and inspire with their truly unique costumes, many  fall into the trap of thinking of an “original” design and then realizing that pretty much everyone else had the same costume idea as they did (naughty angel, how original). So what are some popular costume ideas that will possibly be littering parties this weekend?  Yesterday, Google released a list of most-searched Halloween costumes for 2011. The list is as follows: 

1. Angry Birds

2. Black Swan

3. Playboy Bunny

4. Nicki Minaj

5. Smurfette

6. Wilfred

7. Monster High

8. Tron

9. Captain America

10. Pan Am

11. Charlie Sheen

12. Rapunzel

It is a bit of a strange list for sure and it’s hard to differentiate between costumes that were clearly searched with children in mind as opposed to incredibly mature adults such as ourselves. Although it’s amusing to think that an enormous amount of college students wanted to dress up as a doughy, obnoxious bird that repeatedly slams into walls, we are going to harbor the guess that it was probably mostly parents who typed up that idea. On the other hand, it’s a haunting thought to think that so many want to sully the innocent name of Smurfette. Was the 3-D movie really that successful in making a Smurfs revival? Curse the nostalgic hipster who can’t let go of the 1980s. We eagerly await next year when Jem costumes are all the rage.

In any case, Google’s list is an amusing (also possibly depressing) insight into Halloween festivities. When you are out stealing candy from small children partying this weekend, see how many of the above costumes pop up. Also, If you are racing for last minute costume ideas, this list can be a good jump-start. Go against the grain and dress up as Papa Smurf instead.

Image Source: Susanti.Chandra under Creative Commons
Halloween costumes: Angry Birds hot; Glee Cheerios so last year [Los Angeles Times]

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