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Halloween haikus

Posted By Lynn Yu On Oct 31, 2011 @ 7:23 pm In Sandbox | Comments Disabled


Taking a break from studying? Not heading into the nation’s greatest trick-or-treat hotspot [1]? Enjoy your moment of procrastination with the Clog’s Halloween haikus [2].

We preface our Clog poetry by saying that they, sadly, will not be erotic [3] nor relevant to Jack Donaghy [4], but we hope you find them entertaining nonetheless.

Berkeley midterms
Prevent us from nabbing sweets.
Woe to our sad lives!

Earthquakes [5] shake the place
Scared, we hide inside, fearful
of ghosts and collapse

The end of the world
has passed [6]; parties are filled with
Yoshua costumes

The one percent snack
on treats while the rest of us
protest [7] king-sized tricks

Work hard, play hard. Maybe if you’re reading this earlier on in the evening you’ll finish in time to revel in the festivities [8]. Furthermore, if you believe that your personal haikus are superior to ours, feel free to unleash your inner Edgar Allen Poe [9] in the comments section below (keep it PG, guys).

Now to get back to the books. The Clog wishes you the best.

Image source: Teo [10] under Creative Commons

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