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Daily Cal written off at Ink Bowl 2011

Posted By Jillian Wertheim On Nov 20, 2011 @ 9:19 pm In Sports | Comments Disabled


As the Golden Bears prepared to take on the Cardinal, The Daily Californian [1] went up against its cross-bay rival The Stanford Daily [2] for honor, glory and an Exacto knife glued to a wooden plaque. Oh yes, dear readers, Ink Bowl 2011 went down yesterday afternoon at Sand Hill Fields on Stanford’s freakishly large campus.

“What is the Ink Bowl?” you might ask. (Don’t be embarrassed by your ignorance, lots of people don’t know what the Ink Bowl is. Lots of people don’t know what The Play [3] is, either, but we’re not saying there’s any connection there.)

inkbowl6.CHENmuddiveThe Ink Bowl is an annual flag football match played by staff members from The Stanford Daily and The Daily Californian, it takes place on the day of Big Game and is played at whichever campus hosts the Big Game. The teams face off not just for major street cred, but for a trophy worthy of the most valiant champions. A miniaturized version of “the axe,” the Exacto knife is a source of pride and bragging rights for whoever holds it in their possession.

Traditionally, the Clog holds the honor of covering the Ink Bowl [4], so here we are, doing our cloggy thing.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for, Ink Bowl 2011!

INK BOWL 2011The Daily Cal team proudly sported their “Occupy Stanfurd” T-shirts while the Stanford Daily wore white T’s with an image of a panda on the back. We don’t know why. We asked a Stanford Daily-er, and he didn’t know either. We decided to move on.

Sports editors Jonathan Kuperberg (Daily Cal) and Miles Bennett-Smith (Stanford Daily) get things started with a handshake, then game begins.


Stanford took off to an early start with a score on their first run, courtesy of quarterback Miles Bennett-Smith (Stanford Daily). Several plays and a lot of sliding around on the muddy field later, Austin Crochetiere [5], a freshman sports writer for the Daily Cal grabs a touchdown, bringing the score to 21-14 (Stanford Daily).


Then, more mud sliding, a rolled ankle (hope you’re feeling better, Camellia [6]) and a few touchdowns later, the final score came out to 42-21 Stanford Daily.

The events came to a close with two rounds of boat races [7] and a whole lot of pizza. Better luck next year, Daily Cal. Better luck next year.

Since its birth in 2006 [8], The Daily Clog has been tasked with covering the Ink Bowl. For those who may be confused as to the Clog’s stake in the event, we’d like to remind readers that the Clog is, in fact, affiliated with the esteemed Daily Californian, sort of like Guam is affiliated with the esteemed United States.

Image sources (from top): Randy Adam Romero, Daily Cal; Katherine Chen, Daily Cal; Randy Adam Romero, Daily Cal; Randy Adam Romero, Daily Cal; Katherine Chen, Daily Cal
Earlier: Ink Bowl 2009: A Tragedy [4]

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