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A liberal bias

Posted By Nammi Nadella On Feb 23, 2012 @ 4:36 pm In Sandbox | Comments Disabled

A Liberal BiasA recent study conducted by Christopher Cardiff and Daniel Klein reveals a political bias among professors of different California universities. The researching duo collected data from 11 colleges which provided a diverse range of geographies and school types.

The selected campuses included Santa Clara University, University of San Diego, Point Loma Nazarene University and Pepperdine University, all of which have a religious affiliation. In addition, Claremont McKenna College, San Diego State University, California Institute of Technology, UCSD, UC Berkeley, UCLA and Stanfurd were also taken into account, as they were deemed a fine mixture of public and private research schools.

The researchers acquired data regarding the political affiliation of professors at the stated schools and presented a Democrat to Republican ratio for each campus. For example, a ratio of 3 would mean that there are three times as many democrats as republicans.

The results of the study were shocking. Are you ready? UC Berkeley was found to have the largest Democrat to Republican ratio among all 11 schools. We told you it would just knock you over with a feather.

Although Berkeley’s results were expected (with an 8.7 D:R ratio), it is somewhat surprising to find that the ratio for democrats to republicans across all 11 campuses is as high as 5.0. For those of you who are mathematically illiterate, that means that there are five times the number of democratic professors in California schools compared to republican ones.

The study also broke down the ratio by subject. The Democrat:Republican ratio for professors of sociology was 44:1 whereas the ratio for professors of military science was 0. Who knew that military science was actually a subject?

Here is the ranking of departments [1] from most liberal professors to least liberal:

1. Humanities (10.0)

2. Arts (7.6)

3. Social Sciences (6.8)

4. Math/Sciences (6.3)

5. Medicine/Nursing/Health (4.8)

6. Social Professional (4.4)

7. Engineering (2.5)

8. Business (1.3)

9. Military/Sports (0.7)

Image Source: Dr. ZAx [2] under Creative Commons

Is There a Liberal Bias Among Professors? [Psychology Today [1]]

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