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UC Berkeley: Rich people are just plain bad

Posted By Ricardo Barton On Feb 28, 2012 @ 10:50 pm In Arts | Comments Disabled

This just in — rich folks are more likely to cheat, lie, drive poorly [1], steal candy from children, sip champagne to mock those poorer than they [2], order the most expensive thing on the menu [3] and reject a three year, $21 million contract [4] because it just isn’t enough to feed their family (Note: the last three weren’t part of the study we’re about to speak of, but are probably still true).

According to Bloomberg [5], UC Berkeley scientists conducted a study which has found that individuals of higher social class are more likely to perform in unethical behavior than their lower class counterparts.

Seven different experiments were performed on hundreds of people (many of who were recruited off Craigslist), including traffic related experiments done at San Francisco interactions. The results found that wealthy people were more likely to illegally cut someone off while driving, not yield for pedestrians who have stepped into the crosswalk (beware the fancy, shiny cars when illegally jaywalking on Telegraph Avenue) and cheat to win a meager $50 prize (meager for rich folk, not us broke Cloggers).

According to study author, Paul Piff, the studies were more of an experiment on bad behavior and were not meant to generate a correlation between socioeconomic status and violent crime. He also admits that it’s impossible to verify the link between wealth and the expensive cars that were recorded during the traffic tests that took place at the intersections watched by researchers. “What it comes down to, really, is that money creates more of a self-focus, which may account for larger feelings of entitlement,” said Piff.

Sounds like every Haas student [6] on campus.

Image source: HikingArtist.com [7] under Creative Commons
Wealthy More Likely to Lie, Cheat: Researchers [Bloomberg [5]]

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