While walking through Sproul we were lucky enough to pass this gem.

We halted, taken aback by a group of adorable men wearing matching shirts that said “All the King’s Men.” we stayed for a little while, wondering if they were some sort of British themed group at Cal that we hadn’t heard of. We enjoyed their fresh arrangements and quirky moves, especially their medley of songs featuring California. During the medley’s segment of “California Girls” a handsome singer actually pulled up an audience member!

Upon further research, we discovered that the group hails from King’s College in LONDON. That’s right. A group of delightful British boys are blessing our campus. Why are they here? read more »

psychicWhether you’re an astrologist or just think the whole psychic thing is nonsensical, it’s hard to deny that psychics are good entertainment. If in fact you are in the mood for a little spiritual twist (or a laugh), Hippie Gypsy Cafe, located on Shattuck Avenue,  will be hosting a Tarot and Telepathy display tonight from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Owner Mary Dirks describes her cafe as, “relaxed and cheerful,” and is looking forward to tonight’s performer. ”He’s an intuitionist named Courtney Kolb and will be doing tarot readings, aurora readings and numerology,” said Dirks. read more »

LokuHave you ever looked forward to Friday night all week long only to realize you don’t actually have any plans on Friday? Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and your loner-hood, let Loku make plans for you.

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Loku doesn’t actually make plans for you, but it does tell you everything that’s going on locally that you would be interested in. How does it know what you’re interested in, you ask?

The website asks you to enter your personal preferences. Taking your age, gender and place of residence into account, it can generate some basic local activities that may interest you. However, it also asks you to rank your personality traits to better determine your interests. Additionally you can check off if you want to hear about food and drink, culture, local buys, events or latest happenings to customize your guide. read more »

trolllllGive it up, ladies and gents – sarcasm is an admirable trait that we Golden Bears, along the millions of other blessed, sardonical folks in the world, can proudly claim as our own.

If you’ve got some time on your hands, then by all means click on this link to see how people, many of them we’re sure are also Bears, enjoy the art of “trolling” (we emphasize that this is for pure personal enjoyment).

The thread, which is from College Confidential, is titled “Cal vs. Berkeley” and someone asks – we’re not too sure if the person was also trolling or legitimately had no idea – “Which school is better? I always wanted to go to Cal, but I heard Berkeley is good too. Which one do you guys think is better?”

And the answers vary from being as equally innocent to bewildered to flat-out hilarious.

Here are some beautiful examples of both: read more »

Hey want a dollar for four minutes of your time? Look out for those “GET PAID $1 TO WATCH A VIDEO” signs for some easy small cash! But let’s say four minutes of your time isn’t worth a dollar. What are those people up to? Luckily, the Clog decided to investigate for you.

read more »

So this is why funding for the arts is so low.

According to the New York Times, UC Berkeley somehow misplaced and later donated sold a 22- foot long piece of art for $150. Considering that some 4×6 inch paintings we see at the Oakland Art Murmur are three times more expensive, that’s not a bad deal. Oh, did we mention that it’s valued at over $1 million?

Now, there’s really no reason to get upset, right? It was just a simple, laughable $1 million mistake that any of us could have made. And it’s not like UC Berkeley is in dire straits and would’ve somehow benefited from this tiny bit of extra change they had lying around. And considering you might only find a deal like this at a “Going Out of Business Sale,” you gotta wonder about the symbolic nature of this transaction.

The massive carved wooden panel, ­dating back to 1937, was created by read more »

A Liberal BiasA recent study conducted by Christopher Cardiff and Daniel Klein reveals a political bias among professors of different California universities. The researching duo collected data from 11 colleges which provided a diverse range of geographies and school types.

The selected campuses included Santa Clara University, University of San Diego, Point Loma Nazarene University and Pepperdine University, all of which have a religious affiliation. In addition, Claremont McKenna College, San Diego State University, California Institute of Technology, UCSD, UC Berkeley, UCLA and Stanfurd were also taken into account, as they were deemed a fine mixture of public and private research schools.

The researchers acquired data regarding the political affiliation of professors at the stated schools and presented a Democrat to Republican ratio for each campus. For example, a ratio of 3 would mean that there are three times as many democrats as republicans.

The results of the study were shocking. Are you ready? read more »


Berkeley is a city of artists and there is always an array of art events available that one can attend. Specifically for the book lovers out there, there are always various literary reading events organized by local book stores, literary enthusiasts or Cal’s passionate community of English students and faculty.  This semester does not deviate from the trend with Berkeley Art Museum’s new exhibition, the Reading Room. read more »

Robert Reich tells 'em who's boss

Robert Reich tells 'em who's boss

Robert Reich. Whether you know him from Occupy Cal last fall, the Clinton administration, his Wealth and Poverty class, this video or are just a public policy junkie, you have to admit: that man knows how to speak. That may not seem like quite a statement about someone, but really, he can charm a crowd, lead them, make economics interesting and digestible. Did we mention this video? (Seriously, watch it).

So don’t miss out on seeing him tomorrow night, Thurs. Feb. 23 at Pauley Ballroom in MLK Jr. Student Union. He’ll be giving the “3rd Annual Michael Nacht Distinguished Lecture in Politics and Public Policy,” or as it’s less boring-ly called “2012: a Turning Point? If So, Which Way?” Basically, he’ll be telling us our future. read more »

No we don’t think anyone’s accusing us of arson, we just like making Billy Joel references.

Yet another fire broke out this morning at a west Berkeley art gallery, causes not yet known. A few people were dislodged, and a couple firemen were mildly injured – not by the fire but my a resident dog. Not only was it a dog, but it was a Chihuahua. Named Chuco. So the fire wasn’t exactly fatal, and pales in comparison to the Haste/Telegraph fire last fall. But after that fire, the one at Great China and now this one, we are starting to get frustrated. Why does Berkeley insist on being so flammable? read more »

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