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When Ron Burgundy comes to Cal

Posted By Nammi Nadella On Mar 7, 2012 @ 6:32 pm In Arts,Sandbox | Comments Disabled

WFIf you’re bummed about missing Will Ferrell’s visit Monday night … you should be. The hilarious actor joked his way through students’ questions after an early viewing of his upcoming film, Casa de mi Padre [1].

We’ll let you make the judgment on the film, but we will say that Will Ferrell speaking completely in Spanish (not to mention singing in Spanish) is entertainment in itself. When asked about his spanish, Ferrell commented, “I consider myself an honorary Mexican. That means I’ll be deported any minute now.”

The comedian presents himself very much like he does in his movies. When a student asked if Ferrell would appear at his comedy show for an over the pants handjob, the actor responded, “Fantastic question. There is nothing more relaxing on a hot summer day than an over the pants hand job.” This was followed by a tentative “yes,” to the question.

Here are some other highlights of the Q & A section:

Who was your favorite SNL host to work with?

WF: Alec Baldwin and David Alan Grier. We did a skit where I ripped his head off and ate it.

What’s the most notorious prank you pulled in high school?

WF: I walked into friends classes and pretend I was a maintenance worker.

How do you commit to a character?

WF: I literally did not care what people thought and that was my strong suit.

Would you consider making a Chinese or Japanese film?

As a shrewd entertainment business move, there are a billion Chinese, so yes, thanks.

Which was your favorite character that you played?

WF: The funeral director from Drowning Mona. No, if I had to pick one, it would be Ron Burgundy.

If you could pick any Hispanic actress to play your butt-double, who would you chose and what swear words would you yell while streaking?

WF: Salma Hayek and “Yo tengo churras.” It means, “I have diarrhea.”

Image source: shlala [2] under Creative Commons

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