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Self-driving cars: green tech or Skynet?

Posted By Bon Jin Koo On Apr 13, 2012 @ 8:35 am In Sandbox,Sci/Tech | Comments Disabled

If you peruse through YouTube as much as we do, you’ve probably noticed self-driving car test [1], which Google put out to the general public. At first glance, of course we all thought, “AUMG Google’s one step closer to dominating the world!” Indeed, one of the top rated comments right now is “Skynet now drives a Prius.”

All lulz aside, Ethan Elkind, a climate-change research fellow at Berkeley law, discusses how self-driving cars could actually be great for the environment [2]. This makes sense as mechanically controlled speeds and turns could make an individual’s drive optimally efficient just asĀ cruise control helps save gas [3] on long boring drives. Plus, self-driving automobiles remove a lot of what causes car accidents: human error! Never mind the nearly impossible situations when human judgment trumps the mechanical … most of our crashes involve someone not making smart decisions. Like drinking and driving. Keep that soda in the cup holder while you’re driving!

Elkind goes on to mention that said Google car is a step towards this kind of technology. Just one of the few major concerns this technology entails is the insurance liability. Who’s fault is it when your self-driving car crashes? Yours? Google’s? Toyota’s/Ford’s/etc? Either way, this is a great pathway to new technological trends.

Could self-driving cars help the environment? [The Berkeley Blog [2]]

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