It’s time to pull out that inner school spirit and support Cal’s up and coming comedians. A team of UC Berkeley students are participating in the 5th annual National College Comedy Competition,which as the name suggests, is a nationwide stand-up comedy competition between various universities. Cal’s team, which is composed of Dash Kwiatkowski, Eli Peterson, Rose Guthrie and Varun Rajan, has beaten Standford (of course) in the regional round and is currently competing against UC Santa Cruz in the quarterfinals. read more »

carrie-remake-fan-posterWell, after our last post on the fate of Hollywood resting in the hands of films like “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” it seems we have more reason to believe that ideas are running out. Movie remakes have become more and more prevalent in recent years, especially in the genre of horror movies. In 2003 we witnessed the newest take on “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” 2010 brought us the re-imagined version of “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” which featured tween vampire star Kellan Lutz (swoon) and that weird guy with the really raspy voice from Watchmen. Most recently, we saw a newly revamped attempt at “The Thing,” which featured lots and lots of awesome CGI animation and left little to no room for real plot. And let’s not forget that remake of “Psycho” back in 1998 with a cast featuring Anne Heche, Julianne Moore and Vince Vaughn (Seriously? Vince Vaughn?).

Speaking of horror movie remakes and Julianne Moore, there’s a new horror movie “upgrade” on the horizon. read more »

CELL PHONESSSIt’s hard to imagine a time when people lived without the comfort of cell phones. Now, the loud ping of an incoming text message permeates our daily life and it seems perfectly natural to check our inbox two, no four, times or more over the course of an hour. While many consider texting to be detrimental to interpersonal relations (i.e. having a text conversation while hanging out with your friends and doing a terrible job at both), a recent study published in the journal entitled “Professional Psychology: Research and Practice” by Professor Adrian Aguilera from the Social Welfare department found that texting can actually be a beneficial social tool, particularly in terms of mental health therapy.

read more »

Now, the Clog wouldn’t call ourselves redditors – we’re too afraid of being sucked into a deep dark corner of the internet (although not as dark as 4chan), but today we ventured on to the popular site to be greeted by a dear friend. Oski.

Screen shot 2012-04-16 at 11.07.24 PM

Ain't he cute?

Why was our mascot reppin’ reddit Monday, April 16? Apparently Berkeley won third place in a “Grow a College Subreddit Competition,” so all the world had their interwebs invated by the Golden Bears (or in this case, bear). The 6 other colleges in the top seven will also get their moment in the light, but we don’t think their mascots will be as cute as ours.

Can whoever designed this Oski redesign the creepy monster that adorns Cal gear nowadays? Seriously, we have nightmares. Enjoy the next 45 minutes of Berkeley’s occupation of reddit.

6046180567_a24af92530_bFeeling artsy? The beautiful weather that has broken through the lightening storm is making us feel closer to the world of aesthetics. If you have had your fill of hangovers this weekend, and are at the point where the smell of alcohol is making you sick, it may be time to head over to the Legion of Honor for a different kind of sensory experience. The Legion of Honor is showing two very special exhibitions that will leave you feeling like quite the classy college student. Both exhibits are good for the brain and good for the soul. read more »

3371810935_4cb6766180_b-1Aw Spring! The time of year where pink and purple girls and boys can be spotted walking through Sproul plaza, when that Bollywood song is stuck in your head all day, when….not your typical spring associations? Well then you are missing out!

Holi began in India as a celebration of the triumph of good over evil. According to Hindu tradition, there once was a demon who began to terrorize the three worlds. Being a typical demonic punk, he threatened the god Vishnu who had earlier destroyed his other demon brother in battle. However, the demon’s son, Prahlad, was despite his demon family tree, a devotee of the good Vishnu. Furious at his rebellious son, the demon asked both his demon sister and his good son Prahlad to sit inside a fire, in order to prove that Vishnu would not protect them. Well, as the story goes, Vishnu stuck by his main man Prahlad, but let the demon sister burn. Holi is the celebration of the burning of the dishonorable sister, and the rescue of the brave son. It is a celebration of life and rejuvenation, which UCB takes part in every year. read more »


Listen up everyone, because this is really important. We know there’s been a lot of turmoil lately with the budget crisis and Rick Santorum’s existence and the ASUC Elections, but we can no longer occupy our minds with such small issues. There is in the world a much more prominent issue and The Daily Clog is going to take the first step in addressing it. So, let’s cut right to the chase: there is a restaurant in Oakland that serves only macaroni and cheese. We know. We’re really excited too. Let’s all take a deep breath and sit down and talk about this. read more »

Fun, fun, fun, fun Lookin' forward to the weekend   Read more: REBECCA BLACK - FRIDAY LYRICS http://www.metrolyrics.com/friday-lyrics-rebecca-black.html#ixzz1rwRqY3Ye  Copied from MetroLyrics.com

Fun, fun, fun, fun, Lookin' forward to the weekend

Good morning, readers. No, I take that back. Bad morning.

Don’t be fooled by the clear blue sky or rays of sunshine. Don’t be fooled by Rebecca Black’s jubilant jingle. Today is destined to end in doom in some way or another. The 13th day of the month and Fridays have been a dangerous combination since the inception of the modern calendar system. read more »

If you peruse through YouTube as much as we do, you’ve probably noticed self-driving car test, which Google put out to the general public. At first glance, of course we all thought, “AUMG Google’s one step closer to dominating the world!” Indeed, one of the top rated comments right now is “Skynet now drives a Prius.”

All lulz aside, Ethan Elkind, a climate-change research fellow at Berkeley law, discusses how self-driving cars could actually be great for the environment. This makes sense as mechanically controlled speeds and turns could make an individual’s drive optimally efficient just as cruise control helps save gas on long boring drives. Plus, self-driving automobiles remove a lot of what causes car accidents: human error! Never mind the nearly impossible situations when human judgment trumps the mechanical … most of our crashes involve someone not making smart decisions. Like drinking and driving. Keep that soda in the cup holder while you’re driving!

Elkind goes on to mention that said Google car is a step towards this kind of technology. Just one of the few major concerns this technology entails is the insurance liability. Who’s fault is it when your self-driving car crashes? Yours? Google’s? Toyota’s/Ford’s/etc? Either way, this is a great pathway to new technological trends.

Could self-driving cars help the environment? [The Berkeley Blog]

ice shot glasses
Geeks – gotta love ‘em. Especially the geeks who work at ThinkGeek and happily challenge the social notion of what geeks actually are. If the definition goes something along the lines of, “awesome people who think of super cool innovative things for the die-hard fans of Star Wars, Portal 2 and even Doctor Who (just to name a few),” then geeks deserve a shitload of admiration.

So wait, what’s this about frozen shot glasses? We’re not kidding. ThinkGeek especially is not kidding. For all you thirsty of-age alcohol drinkers (we are totally against supporting any sort of underage drinking in college), the Clog thinks this is definitely worth your attention and money.

Called Cool Shooters Ice Shot Glasses, read more »

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