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Paul Seeman, an Alameda County Superior Court Judge, was arrested Thursday on 13 felony counts of financial elder abuse. Folks, it’s exactly what it sounds like — Paul Sleazeman is being accused of abusing the elderly, financially. BerkeleyPatch even used the words “frail elder” in their lead.

Now that’s just messed up.

This poor lady worked her entire life just to be old; what did she ever do to you?!

BerkeleyPatch reports:

-Paul D. Seeman, 57, engaged in a “pattern of related felony conduct” involving more than $200,000 beginning in 1999, and lied about it to authorities, according to a complaint filed today in Alameda County Superior Court.

-The alleged victim was Ann C. Nutting, who died two years ago at the age of 97. Nutting and Seeman were neighbors on Santa Barbara Road in the Berkeley Hills.

Seeman is even more of a Sleazebag when you read that he, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, “sold off her art and other possessions, tried to bar her from her own home, and used her garage to store his beloved 1957 Ford Thunderbird.”

Ok so you’re 1. neighbors with 2. an old lady, and all you can think of is “hmm, how can I get her money, sell all her things, kick her out of her own house and use her garage to park my car?” not “hmm, wonder if I can grab her some groceries from the store today and help her and the cats out?” or “hmm, is what I’m doing morally questionable?”

You feel a little less sorry for Nutting though, after reading what Berkeleyside reports: “Court documents state that Seeman began stealing from Nutting in 1999 after she and her husband were banned from living in their home on Santa Barbara Road in Berkeley because it was deemed to be uninhabitable. The couple were hoarders and the Berkeley Fire Department deemed it unfit during a visit to treat Lee Nutting, 89, for a fall.”

So we guess that means that she had more than a little to spare. But Seeman, really?

All of this, as it is in all news stories so that people don’t sue us news publications, is of course “alleged”.

Seeman (what a terribly pun-able last name) apparently only preys on old ladies. Berkeleyside notes that “Neighbors of Seeman have expressed shock and surprise at the development. One described him as “a top-notch, stand-up guy,” while another, Anne Nesbet, said: ”Paul is a saint in this. I’m absolutely, 1,000% sure that Paul is on the side of the angels.”"

You know, that’s also what they said about the Zodiac killer Shia LaBeouf.

So is Seeman an angel or a demon (or a Dan Brown novel)? What do you think Berkeley?

Image source: Wanderlinse under Creative Commons

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