Blowing bubbles is the pastime of many a small child, but Louis Pearl is making a living of it.

On June 30, Louis Pearl will be doing his last summer show of The World’s Funniest Bubble Show at The Mash in Downtown Berkeley. As strange as the title sounds it may actually be a show worth seeing.

The show offers a variety of bubbles to see: spinning flyer saucer bubbles, square bubbles filled with fog, and centipede bubbles. Along with the bubble for entertainment there is lots of “bubbly music” that will “appeal to everyone.” What exactly “bubbly music” is we are not too sure, but we think it may a mix between Britney Spears and the Wiggles.

Pearl also throws in some science take-away facts about molecular bonding and surface tension, but as the SF Chronicle review of his show says, “mostly he focuses on the fun.” Thank goodness because we English majors at The Clog can only absorb so much science in one sitting!

Pearl started out in the Bubble Entertainment Industry (is there such an industry?) back in 1980 while he was selling a bubble making machine called The Bubble Trumpet on the streets of Berkeley. He took his street vending tricks to the stage and has now been doing this show for 26 years.

We hate to burst any bubbles out there, but unfortunately the hour long show is not free. It costs $11 per adult but if you go with a party of four or more it only costs $8 per ticket. A cheaper alternative is to watch his YouTube channel; upon watching you will find out what “bubbly music” actually is!

Image source: themash.org – Matt Faruggio, Courtesy


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