horse racing

Berkeley ain’t no Atlantic City, but if you’re aching to gamble, horse racing is your next best bet (pun completely intended). Luckily, we have a race track close by in the form of Golden Gate Fields.

The horses come back to please on Friday, August 17, and will end the summer session in September.

Horse races are much like baseball games in that when one goes to such a sporting event, one does not simply choose to abstain from eating. Lots of alcohol and hot dog consumption will take place, so be sure to catch “Dollar Days” beginning Sunday, August 19, where everything (programs, beer, hot dogs and soda) all cost one dollar.

Speaking of horse racing, here’s a fun fact: did you know that New York was named the Big Apple due to horse-racing reference?

All the more reason to head out and double down.

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Image source: Paolo Camera under Creative Commons


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