Lady Gaga is blasting away over a crowd of thousands packed into Market Street while a guy in nothing but a yellow speedo dances around giving high fives to everyone he sees — we must be at the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco. read more »


We all know that America is a sue-happy country — Berkeley is no exception. The back and forth sue-ing that has been occurring between the university and the Occupy the Farm kids would make for a good soap opera.

Here’s the Clog’s script and recap of the events of the pass few weeks:

University (U): Yo dudes, you need to get off of this land. It belongs to the UC.

Occupy the Farm (OF): No way! This land belongs to the public! Screw research, we’re reclaiming this for the peoples. read more »

heath ledger joker

The Berkeley City Council meetings (here on out known as BCCM) are free entertainment — the Clog simply can’t get enough. We’ll be providing y’all with a recaps every time we hit one up. Here’s this week’s, involving armored tanks and nuclear energy: read more »

Piedmont Trees

Imagine Channing Circle full of shady trees to sit under.

That is how the iconic meridian used to look like according to Friends of Piedmont Way, a group restoring Piedmont Avenue to its original design by famous landscape architect Frederick Olmsted.

Back in the early 2000’s, Friends of Piedmont Way began a project to return Piedmont Avenue back into “a broad and graceful tree-lined streetscape”. At the core of this group are Michael Kelly and Frederica Drotos, a husband and wife team that is determined to make Piedmont as green as it ever was, one tree at a time. read more »


Like last Tuesday night’s Berkeley City Council meeting, tonight’s debauchery should be just as entertaining. On the agenda to be discussed: mutual aid and nuclear power plants. The main reason the Clog is going though is because we hope that amid fierce debates of mutual aid, we’ll hear some talk of Berkeley PD’s newly acquired toy, the armored truck. Is it a secretly a Transformer? Will people protest reinforced vehicles?

We’re bringing our popcorn (no but for serious; if you see peeps munchin’ on buttery goodness, that’d be us) and live-tweetin’ the meeting. Follow along on the Daily Clog twitter, here!  Now let’s get this show started.

Image source: Daniel Semper under Creative Commons


We hear that it’s possible to massage someone into an orgasm. Apparently that’s not the only way to get one at Berkeley massage centers.

The Daily Cal reports, “Three Berkeley massage parlors may be closed for good after city officials ruled that explicit online reviews support allegations of prostitution. read more »

Things are not what they seem.

Things are not what they seem in alleyways

It’s around 8 p.m. in San Francisco, and we’re trying to get some food — sandwiches mostly. One would think that Union Square is teeming with authentic cafes and food stands on the streets, but it was an unfortunate discovery to find not one but three closed delis — we weren’t settling for Carl’s Junior. Starving and thus slightly delusional, we ventured into a dim-lit alleyway (something we don’t recommend). In one alleyway by the Westfield Mall however, we were able to find an open restaurant: 54 Mint.

read more »

Even puppies have rainbow love

Even puppies have rainbow love

If there’s one celebration San Francisco is known for, it’s gay pride weekend. Before leaving the Bay Area, attending at least one LGBT parade is a must. This summer is the perfect time to start. read more »


The BART trains failed us last Thursday. We couldn’t make it back to the East Bay. As indicated many times by the scratchy voice of the conductor, Embarcadero Street was our “last stop.”

Even though we couldn’t reach our intended destination, the BART managed to leave us at the mecca of local artists. The San Francisco Arts & Crafts Market at Justin Herman Plaza is held daily throughout the year. For the entire day, local artists sell their unique crafts to the Bay denizens.

We looked at a few local vendors at the fair. read more »


Good-looking, kindhearted AND an excellent chef — why can’t the Clog meet more men like that?

The man we’re referring to is former Top Chef contestant Ryan Scott (Season 4), who judged a live cook-off in San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza today between fellow former contestants Casey Thompson (Seasons 3/8) and Angelo Sosa (Seasons 7/8). The Clog, being the ever faithful Top Chef fans we are, were more than a little starstruck today, to say the least. read more »

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