On the last weekend of every July, the Berkeley Kite Festival takes place over the Berkeley Marina. One of the biggest events at the festival this year will be the “octopile”, a pile of a dozen or more flying octopus. Believe us, it’s just as creepy as it sounds.

The festival will also feature a Japanese delegation with regional and traditional kites made from bamboo, along with Rokkaku Battles where competitors attempt to ground each other’s kites.

Right now, the Clog is flashing back to good ol’ Finding Neverland, where Johnny Depp’s J.M. Barrie takes the Davies kids out on an inspiring kite-flying adventure. Sadly, Berkeley’s kite-flying festivities will feature neither Captain Jack Sparrow nor Kate Winslet.

They will however, feature the Berkeley Kite Wranglers. Yep, you read that correctly. Besides having a badass group name, the Wranglers are in charge of the crowd-drawing kites like the octopile, and giant creature kites like the enormous teddy bear and prehistoric tribolite.

For a video of what an octopile looks like, check it out here. Some call it “awesome.” We find it strangely terrifying. Like clowns. Guess you’ll have to see it live to feel inspired.

Image source: Sheba_Also under Creative Commons


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