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It’s official folks, Kriss Worthington will be running for mayor this fall. Kdubs announced his candidacy at noon today, saying that he would be running on a platform emphasizing transparency and buzzword buzzword. read more »


We can’t figure out whether libraries have a negative or positive connotation — we’d rather read books in a library than on the BART, but at any rate libraries are where we “do work.”

Instead of heading to the libraries on campus or downtown, the Clog discovered a quaint library in Elmwood: The Claremont Library. While you can’t necessarily do work — schoolwork and research — there, it’s a great place to read for leisure.

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classless tweet

You all know very much that the Clog enjoys surfing the Interwebs, and when it does, we generally share with you what we believe to be most interesting and relevant. Sometimes, surfing the internet makes us furious and ready to punch our computer screens instead. This example is just one of them.

After the tragic turn of events from this morning, the Twitter-sphere erupted in anger when Celeb Boutique posted the above tweet. One angry follower put it very aptly when he tweeted back: “classless cunt”. read more »


Curtis Martin III, 41, was accused of murdering his girlfriend and her infant son in 2009 at the Berkeley Aquatic Park.  On Thursday, Martin unexpectedly opened up and confessed to his crimes.

He was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Thank God there’s justice somewhere.

Image source: id-iom under Creative Commons

dark knight

In a tragic turn of events, a lone gunman armed with three weapons opened fire in a crowded theater at the Dark Knight Rises midnight premier in Aurora, Colorado. Reports shows that 12 have been killed, and 38 others have been injured. The Clog is shocked and horrified by this event, and sends its deepest sympathies out to the families in Colorado. May they rest in Peace.

Image source: lamazone under Creative Commons

bob dylan

In support of his new album, Tempest, Bob Dylan will be performing 27 shows in a month and a half. Talk about a marathon.

One of those shows includes the Greek Theater at Berkeley on Friday, Oct. 19. If you’re concerned about going to the Big Game rally though, you can catch Bob Dylan in San Francisco on Wednesday, Oct. 17 and Thursday, Oct. 19 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Get those tickets now ‘cuz for Bobby, they’re gonna sell fast.

Image source: Stoned59 under Creative Commons

The Clog loves all the Founding Fathers, but the one we love most is Alexander Hamilton. So when the wonderful Lin-Manuel Miranda, the multi-talented Tony Award winner and writer of “In the Heights”, announced that he would be doing a full-fledged hip hop album on the defining man of the last three centuries, we nearly pissed our pants.

This news of “The Hamilton Mixtape” isn’t new, but the Clog recently found out, and as such, just had to tell you all. See an excerpt above from what is undoubtedly going to be the greatest hip-hop album of the year. Even President and First Lady Obama approve.

The Clog greatly enjoys surfing the Interwebs and stumbling upon … five guys playing One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” on one piano. Some people have a little too much time on their hands. But we don’t mind — this is one sick video.


The Clog did not speak too soon when we warned you of the coming zombie apocalypse. With the threat of a 20.3 percent tuition increase looming large in the instance Jerry Brown’s tax initiative fails this fall, students protested at the UC Regents meeting dressed as zombies. Get it? Cuz the debt is killing us slowly and turning us into the living dead. Ha. Ha. read more »

sorority row

A real-life horror movie

Pledging is pretty hardcore in Berkeley only at certain frats, but even then it doesn’t come close to the intensity Southern belles and beaus must put up with. It’s gotten so bad that an entire business has sprung out of “pledge consulting“. read more »

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