Taylor Swift is a country musician right? We don’t really listen to anyone who has dated John Mayer. Even with our limited knowledge of her past, we did believe that she was mainly a country musician.

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One last glorious picture of Nathan Adrian

One last glorious picture of Nathan Adrian

The Clog nearly had a heart attack at three separate moments during the U.S. Women’s Soccer semifinal match against Canada. Thankfully, Cal Bear Alex Morgan swooped in and saved the day in the 123rd minute, scoring the winning goal and lowering our blood pressure back to normal.

That moment was just one of many where former and current Bears dominated their respective sports. These past Olympics were extraordinarily successful for Cal — here’s a brief recap: read more »


Next Friday starts Cal’s 2012 Move-In/Welcome Week, and for about 400 sophomore and upper-division students that means being the first people to live in the brand new Maximo Martinez Commons Residence Hall. read more »

thing 1:2

Look at all the Berkeley food gossip we’ve noticed in the past few days — it looks like a Thai Noodle I is about to take over where a burnt down Raleigh’s used to be. Whether or not Cafe Med will ever be resurrected on that same corner (Telegraph and Haste) is questionable.

But really Thai Noodle franchise? Is it necessary to have two of your restaurants, albeit with different numbers, on the same street? Oh the choices we’ll have to make when choosing our Thai food. The battle of Thing 1 versus Thing 2 is set to begin. Or in this case, Thai I versus Thai II.

Image source: DrSam under Creative Commons

asian breadplace

Good smells, coming soon

Sheng Kee, notable for its Chinese pastries, will be opening a store on Telegraph Ave. Watch out food trucks, you got some competition coming your way.

Located right on the edge of campus next to The Toaster Oven, Sheng Kee is sure to get everyone fat as hell. They’re also hiring, so if y’all are lookin’ for a job, get on that. Otherwise, be ready for the dessert invasion.

Image source: Lynn Yu, Daily Cal


As Berkeley’s impending fall vote on the sit-lie measure draws closer, the San Francisco Chronicle’s latest report on sit-lie simply adds fuel to the con side. The majority of sit-lie tickets are going to the same people, who happen to be older alcoholics. read more »


While Memorial Stadium is getting ready to debut its sparkly new self this fall, some people are polishing up the bits it shed along the way to sell to the public. read more »

girls gone wild

Apparently Girls Gone Wild is no longer just a website for lesbian sex videos, it’s also a full-blown musical coming to visit San Francisco this September. read more »

Alex Morgan

Wondering who you’d be in the Olympics? The Clog found a nifty little interactive infographic that the BBC put together to help you discover who you are. Check it out here.

Image source: John Todd/Isi Photos, Courtesy


After Sunday night’s inspiring Curiosity touchdown, the nation’s eyes have once more turned towards the final frontier. UC Berkeley’s miniature satellite follows right on Curiosity’s heels — CINEMA, which stands for CubeSat for Ions, Neutrals, Electrons and MAgnetic fields, will launch at the end of this month. read more »

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