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Basket pong: because we need another excuse to drink

Posted By Erik Swan On Oct 29, 2012 @ 8:00 am In Sandbox | Comments Disabled

basketpong1Tired of beer pong? Want to try something different? Check this shit out.

Basket pong. We decided to accept the burden of drinking and having a good time with this new game. And it was all for you, the reader. We’d do anything for you.

So you set up this backboard and put cups in that 3-2-3 formation you can see in the picture. There’s another slot farther down the pole (which is not pictured) to hold the water cup. It also collapses into a portable suitcase. Then you throw balls into the cups according to the rules you just made up, at least until it starts devolving into a free-for-all-let’s-get-drunk-fest.

And behold: we got drunk, and everyone claimed to be LeBron James as they threw a fade-away or ran up for the inevitable dunk.basketpong2

And it was good.

The technique for shooting is only slightly different than beer pong. Everyone has their own style, but we think it’s all about the arc. The cups are a bit higher than beer pong, so it makes it a bit more effective. Throw it with the arm like you would a basketball but with a little flick of the wrist. Wrist control is vital.

Others use the push method, like the ball was a throwing star. We dislike this method though we admit its validity — it’s just that it has a tendency to bounce off the backboard too far. This technique takes almost as much finesse as the wrist shot. Almost.

Designating a person to catch the rebound is recommended, as well. In beer pong that role is filled by the other team — in basket pong, we have no such luxury.

We used it as a pre-pre-game for the big game against Stanford (It softened the blow that was to come), but it would work in any setting.

This game is fun even without anything in the cups. Or you could play it youth-group style by filling the cups with Red Bull. We suppose that could act as a pre-game for studying. While not particularly healthy (though neither is drinking), we suppose it’s better than taking Adderall. That is our PSA for the day.

basketpong3Just look at these assholes. Don’t they look like they’re having fun?

Image source: Erik Swan, Daily Cal

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