Organized notes are critical. Those messy notebooks with illegible chicken-scratch handwriting aren’t much use once you need to study for midterms or finals. And if you lose your notebook? You’re screwed. This is why many students opt to take notes on their computer. Because of this there are a lot of popular note taking tools out therebut one of the most popular is Evernote, and for good reason. Evernote is free and makes taking notes and keeping organized dead simple.

Using Evernote is intuitive for anyone who uses a computer on a daily basis. You create notebooks for each class or project and then fill them with notes. Easy as that. And while it isn’t Microsoft Word, Evernote looks and works like any other word processor.Evernote has a desktop app and a web app, as well apps for iPhone and Android. All of your notebooks sync to all of your devices as well as the cloud unless you specify otherwise. This means that even if you lose your laptop, you won’t lose your notes. The beauty of this is that you can pull up your notes on your phone or on friends computer anytime you need them. Plus any changes you make to a note automatically syncs everywhere. If you ever use these features, Evernote is extremely useful. However what makes Evernote really stand out is its power user goodies.

Evernote is filled with a plethora of extras that can make your notes more feature filled and interactive than you could ever imagine. No joke, the ones we’re about to talk about only scratch the surface. We really like that fact Evernote has a built in voice recorder. This means you can record a lecture in the same note you’re working in — although you should make sure you have your professor’s permission first!

It’s also really easy to use the Evernote app on you’re phone to take pictures directly into a note or add them from your phone or computer. Evernote also provides an email to your account so you can send your account articles or pictures if you’re doing research. As far as sharing notes goes,Evernote makes it easy. You can email them, copy their url, or post them to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Lastly, Evernote has an extremely powerful search tool. You can tag your notes and look them up by tag or search for a term within a specific notebook or all your notes. And if you upgrade to premium ($5/mo), Evernote will let you the ability to search any scanned documents you upload.

Evernote is powerful tool. If used right, it can make you more organized than you could ever dream.

Image source: brittanyhock under Creative Commons


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