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“In response to the new Facebook guidelines I hereby declare that my copyright is attached to all of my personal details, illustrations, comics, paintings, professional and amateur photos and videos, etc. (as a result of the Berner convention)….”


If you have a Facebook and have been on anytime in the past week, you’ve probably come across many derivatives of this message (or perhaps you were the one posting) claiming that since Facebook is publicly-traded entity, it has a “new” privacy policy that allows them access to your data, and that if you post a status like this, whoop-di-doo, you’ll magically be exempt from these new guidelines. Don’t fall for it, because not an inch of it is true.

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Funny Santa Pics
Back in the beginning of November, we could not believe the stores were already starting to churn out the holiday tunes. It’s an unspoken cultural rule that pre-Thanksgiving is too early for these things! Those greedy holiday music producers and their corporate power grabs …

But now, whether you believe it or not, we’re getting into that time the department stores thought was a month ago. Thanksgiving is over, and if you’re lucky, your food comas are too. Thus, it’s holiday music time.

The jingle-belling and sleigh-ride-together-with-you-ing is probably getting a little tiresome, so we thought we’d share some holiday tunes that are a bit left field: the more silly, outrageous, and hilarious, the better! Here’s to a jolly holiday season.


  1. Julian Casablancas- “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” [From the classic SNL sketch]
  2. Fitz and the Tantrums- “Santa Stole My Lady”
  3. Sufjan Stevens- “Come On! Let’s Boogey to the Elf Dance!” [PS Mr. Stevens has a whole Christmas box set out now! 5 discs chock full of cheer.]
  4. Stephen Colbert- “Another Christmas Song”
  5. Garfunkel and Oates- “Present Face”
  6. The Maccabeats- “Candlelight”
  7. Bob and Doug McKenzie- “12 Days of Christmas”
  8. The Killers- “Don’t Shoot Me Santa”
  9. Adam Sandler- “The Hannukah Song”
  10. South Park- “Cartman Tries to Sing ‘O Holy Night’”


Image Credit: Scott Clark, via Creative Commons

Do you have an essay due the day or week you get back from Turkey weekend? A midterm? Anything? If you don’t, you’re one of the lucky few…and probably don’t go to Berkeley. Everyone’s got something or another to do. And if you booked it out of the rain-spattered city before the half-week even started, you may have even more to make up getting lecture notes. Aren’t breaks fun?

Work work work

Since the beginning of formal education, students have been arguing the counterproductive nature of assigning work over holidays. Aren’t we supposed to relax on our days off? Shouldn’t a school break mean a break from homework and studying as well? Apparently not, given that there’s often more work to take home for the holidays than during a normal class week.

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As the semester winds to a close, many students with meal point plans are finding themselves in one of two situations: either they have an abundance of extra points or no points left at all. Those with extra points face the looming deadline to spend all points over the 100 point rollover limit before the end of the semester. On the other hand, students who are out of points face the dilemma of spending cash to buy every meal until the end of the semester or begging their parents to buy them more meals points.

There are two problems here with one obvious solution. read more »

Savor every last bite of Thanksgiving. Taste the turkey. This is your last meal. Finals are coming, impending doom is near. Sip on your sparkling cider. read more »

Let’s face it: students are fans of things. And many of these things are British things. It’s one thing to be a casual fan of something, watching it every once in a while and not much else, and another to be so consumed that you see things in your everyday life as references to the show (maybe that’s just us), or even better, make your own. When it comes to expression of fandom, anything goes! Here is an assortment of British film/TV references/resemblences around the Berkeley campus. We’re not going to lie, they’re mostly from Harry Potter.

Rumor has it, you can hear Moaning Myrtle through these stalls.

Rumor has it, you can hear Moaning Myrtle through these stalls. (Wheeler Hall)

The Whomping Willows, conveniently located adjacent to a swamp (field by VLSB)

Let's face it, Bowles Hall is Hogwarts

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The Underhill Parking & Field Garage located between Channing and Haste is one of the best places for student commuters to park their cars. Its abundance of parking spots and close proximity to campus definitely makes it an extremely convenient garage to go to. In some ways, the place is a godsend and we can even say it’s perfect. Well, was perfect . . . until its darn elevators broke.

Now don’t get us wrong, us commuters at the Clog know that the stairs are just as applicable of a way to getting up to the ground level of Berkeley (We aren’t that lazy!) But it’s just the garage’s elevators have been out of order since the very beginning of October. So we have to admit, we’re kind of annoyed at how long it has been taking to fix them. However, it seems like we aren’t the only ones who share this sentiment.


Above is a photograph of a response to the temporary inconvenience written on one of the many “Out of Service” signs scattered all around the garage. It definitely reinforces the two major points that griped us about this dilemma with the latter of “Gosh golly, those stairs are quite smelly indeed!” being the most prominent to us in particular.

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2305726488_102f4e5c07_nIn a little over an hour, Cal is going to be tootin’ the horn for the winners of the monthly Zipcar contest, Students with Drive. And heck yeah, guess who’s winning in the Academic criteria? University of California, Berkeley, baby. Well, okay, the contest ends at 9:00 P.M. but looking at how our represenatives, Pioneers in Engineering (PiE), are currently ahead of the second-place Speech Team of University of Illinois AND with more votes still clocking in … the Clog can safely say, “YO, I THINK WE GOT THIS.”

But yeah, before we start cartwheeling across Memorial Glade half naked and screaming from the top of the Campinile about how great we and PiE are, let us focus on what this contest and the group are even about. The word “winning” is always an exciting, delicious thing to hear. Come on, who doesn’t like to be awesome at something and then praised [and in this case, win big bucks] for their accomplishments? It’s a rhetorical question, in case you were about to answer.

Zipcar is the company that for an hourly rate allows people, especially college students, to borrow the car read more »

The end of November is a busy time for students. Not only are we rushing to write papers that will be due the Monday after Thanksgiving vacation because Cal personally hates every single one of us, but Tele-BEARS Phase II also began last Tuesday. Making last-minute appointments to your academic adviser and creating your 130th mock-up schedule on Ninja Courses while attempting to catch-up on schoolwork before dead week hits can be, of course, stressful.

We at the Clog decided to translate our pain into images and showcase a common tale that most Cal students can relate to. We spiced up our visuals with a free iPhone app called Manga-Camera that transforms the most mundane pictures of your pets and food into exciting Dragon Ball Z-style showdowns. Why make your photos into boring, contemplative art pieces with a sepia filter, when you can surround yourself with fiery explosions of death instead? In any case, here is our incredibly accurate portrayal of the typical Tele-bears process:


What a productive day it has been


What time is it ... ?



“Science rules” (name that reference!), and for a day, it’s free at the California Academy of Sciences!

The local science center, located just a quick Bart or bus ride away in Golden Gate Park, is offering free admission on Sunday, December 9th (normally $29.95 for adults) as as a part of a quarterly effort to appeal to a wider demographic of people looking for some free science-y fun but couldn’t attend their previous Wednesday free days.

The center is an expansive bed of science and imagination perfect for anyone with at least a spark of science interest, housing an aquarium, planetarium, natural history museum, rain forest, live animals, and so much more. Plus … it’s all under a living roof!  What to know what that could possibly be? You’ll have to visit to find out Wink-wink.

Here is a sampling of some of the cool sites CAS has to offer:
California academy of sciences

California Academy of Sciences

California Academy of Sciences read more »

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