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Songza: The “new” (and improved) Pandora

Posted By Hailey Simpson On Jan 31, 2013 @ 8:00 am In Arts,Sandbox | Comments Disabled

Enjoy the music discovery of Pandora and the playlist creation capabilities of Spotify or 8-tracks, but want something new to spice up your music life, especially now that we’re in the hectic heyday of school life once again? Here’s this little gem: Songza [1]. It will quickly become your best friend.

At its core, it’s a gigantic collection of playlists curated by all sorts of companies, important music people, users and of course, the self-proclaimed ‘music-experts’ of the Songza team. But the way they are indexed is just the niftiest thing. It’ll likely put all your other music-streaming sites to shame.

First, you can skim through the popular playlists [2] of the year to see what everyone else has been enjoying. You can also skim through playlist indexed by genre [3], decade (well, that’s typical), and even by activities (driving in the left lane, breaking up, etc) and moods! But here’s the real kicker. The music concierge option takes all these options to the next level: they’re catered to you. Let’s take a look:

Right now it’s Tuesday evening. Songza thinks that, based on the day of the week and time of the day, we’re most likely be doing one of these activities.

songza [4]
You’re right Songza! We are working. You smart little thing, you. Since we’re writing, we’d prefer no lyrics.

songza2 [5]

Once you choose your activity, it’ll bring up a bunch of genres for you to choose from. After all, it only wants what’s best for you and your music experience. Based on your choice of activity and genre, you’ll be able to choose between three playlists that satisfy this criteria, but are each very different from one another.

songza4 [6]

Basically, Songza is the website equivalent of that one friend we all have with an encyclopedic knowledge of music who always makes playlists for you, except they are literally an encyclopedia. Each experience with the site is unique, especially if you use it at different times during the day and during different activities. We got a chuckle out of Saturday-Late Night …

songza3 [7]


But hey, we’re in college. These are most definitely the norm on a Saturday night, which is why Songza is so particularly useful! And did we mention there are NO ADS? It already has many legs up on Pandora or Spotify, because we to can attest that it’s the worst feeling in the world when you’re grooving to an album and a ‘friendly voice’ decides to give you a little message. Give it a try when you’re cooking on a Tuesday night and in the mood for ‘Dancing in the Kitchen’ playlists.

Image sources: all images came from Songza.com [8].

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