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Music festivals are a fantastic way to revel in your favorite bands and stumble upon some brand new ones. There are even those huge outdoor ones that fill an entire three days with live music. It’s an exhilarating experience for sure, but it’s not for everyone. For one, you’re on your feet practically all day, sometimes in scorching temperatures (Coachella, eh?). And on the music side of the coin, some bands’ live shows just work better in an intimate indoor venue rather than in outdoor settings that could drown out the sound.

These festivals surely get more publicity in the long run, but if you’re looking for a different festival experience right here in the Bay Area, check out the Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco! In its 21st year, the festival — happening from February 26th to March 6th — presents a plethora of shows in the city at a variety of different venues. You can attend as few or as many as you wish and with the festival pass you can score some sweet deals if you choose to milk the festival for what it’s worth. There are also some film, art and culture events as well! Here is a playlist highlighting some of the best of this eclectic shindig:

  1. Ramona Falls, “Fingerhold
  2. !!!, “Must Be the Moon”
  3. White Arrows“Get Gone”
  4. Toro y Moi, “New Beat”
  5. xxyyxx, “About You”
  6. Damien Jurado, “Sheets”
  7. The Thermals“I Might Need You to Kill”
  8. Kitten, “Kill the Light”
  9. Dirty Ghosts“Shout It In”
  10. Jukebox the Ghost“Adulthood”
  11. Starfucker“Biggie Smalls”
  12. Free Energy“Something in Common”
  13. Francisco the Man“Tiger”
  14. Miner, “Hey Love”

As always, you can take a listen to the whole playlist on Spotify!

Image source: ToGa Wanderings, under Creative Commons.


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