Yeah, celebrate, you heard us correctly…

Dead Week may be dubbed as “Dread Week” but to us at the Clog, it’s a joyous occasion. It’s the one week when your Facebook statuses receive way more likes than ever before and you procrastinate by doing things you never would, like clean your room or have lengthy conversations with relatives. To celebrate, the Clog has created a list of the three best ways to procrastinate, while learning a thing or two about your fellow Golden Bears.

1. AnonCon

It’s everyone’s favorite confession page. Only open during Dead Week and Finals, AnonCon houses everything from embarrassing photos and naughty stories to useful links like cookie delivery services, all submitted anonymously by Cal students. We’ve posted some of our favorite anonymous comments bellow. Ladies and gentleman, these are your classmates:

  • “I wish the new Chancellor hadn’t shaved his unibrow :C” — Don’t we all
  • “I’m obsessed with the men’s octet” — Who isn’t?
  • “Welp, there goes any semblance of my attempting to be productive at all.” — Welp, at least you tried
  • “People who wear non-Cal college shirts and sweatshirts drive me up the wall sometimes, do you not want to be here or what?” — We hear you.
  • “My current secret: I didn’t think Skyfall was as good as the rest of the fucking world seems to think. I don’t like Sam Mendes and I was bored by the narrative. But I don’t want to tell people who are excited to see it that I didn’t like it and the people that did like it obviously don’t care that I dont.” — Thanks for sharing that deep secret
  • “Confession, I think if I were a guy I’d be pretty cute and I, at least, would be pretty interested in me.” — Hmm?
  • “Anyone watch today’s episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Best episode yet this season!” — Such a great episode!
  • “The Clog is the greatest blog I’ve ever read!” — We agree!

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tumblr_l96b01l36p1qdhmifo1_500Hey guys! Did you know we’re currently in finals season? Yep. That’s why you’re camping out on the internet and refreshing AnonCon every ten minutes. That’s why you can’t find a seat in public ANYWHERE, and that’s also why you’re sleeping and DGAFing more than ever before. And that’s also the reason you’re getting texts from that random guy you hooked up with like, seven weeks ago. Which brings us to our point: we’re all supposed to be drafting finals papers and studying for our exams, so why is it that all we can think about is sex? ALL THE TIME. EVERYWHERE. EVERY WHICH WAY. ANY TIME. ANY DAY. ANY PLACE.

We all use the same reasons every semester. We’re bored, we’re stressed and want to blow off some steam, we’re so antsy and just need to release some energy, the list goes on. Here at the Clog, however, we have some different  (and obviously more scientifically supported) theories about why we’re so horned up.*

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In these trying times, the internet is your only friend.

In these trying times, the internet is your only friend.

The final days of dead week are upon us and it seems that every Cal student is locked up in the library with only textbooks and a laptop for comfort (including us at the Clog, if you couldn’t tell). Still, even with only two days left until finals, it’s hard to force yourself to cram all day (that’s 12 hours of not having fun!) without the occasional sojourn to YouTube, Tumblr or Facebook. read more »

You decide. Or not. In either case, someone on the Clog staff — we won’t say who, it’s ANONYMOUS for a reason, people — ran across this on page 69 (yes, 69) of AnonCon (yes, AnonCon):


Let that one roll off your tongue, and then try not to barf. That’s right, drink in the mildly abominable mash-up of a URL while you still can. Because the last time “UC Berkeley Hipster” posted anything was a week ago, which means that in random Tumblr meme catch-on time, it’s already basically ceased to exist. Plus, the jury’s still out about whether this is so ironic that it’s not actually ironic at all. Oh well, a couple of them are borderline funny, we guess, like the one pictured above!


workin' hard

So, we’re not particularly surprised to hear this, because the Bay is awesome and brilliant and just all-around amazing, but a handful of Bay Area cities (namely SF and Oakland) have been declared to be some of the “smartest places to live.”

What does that mean, exactly? We’re not entirely sure.

According to NBC Bay Area, Portfolio magazine went a-hunting for the country’s most intellectual and successful cities — if you’re still confused as to how they figured that out, check out their list of criteria here.

Regardless of how Portfolio magazine figured it out, we’re happy with the results.

Although, considering the fact that we’ve spent the past weekend snoozing, boozing and perusing AnonCon instead of preparing for our upcoming finals like any right-minded academic should, we might have reason to doubt their accuracy. Whatever. We’ll welcome this bit of news with open arms and hope that our final grades will get a boost just by the fact that we’re taking exams in the Bay Area.

Image Source: tassie.sim under Creative Commons
No Duh? Bay Area Among Smartest Places to Live [NBC Bay Area]

That’s right, AnonCon is back. And despite the fact that it’s been up for more than 12 hours, there has been a rather paltry showing of anonymous confessions. So go, confess whatever’s on you mind and distract your friends and neighbors from their arduous finals studies. Think of it as a public service.

Happy studying (and procrastinating)!

Image Source: Dyanna under Creative Commons
It’s time for ANONCON FALL 2010! [Livejournal]


Just kidding Anoncon, we could never replace you. However this twitter account “flirting-facilitator platform” likealittle comes quite close on the creepiness scale. The great thing about no internet was that people would keep their pervy thoughts to themselves, we hope. Now people get to publish their thoughts to the world, which scarfs it down faster than you can say “that’s creepy bro.”

Here’s how the site works. You basically type in where you are located, the sex and hair color and then you “flirt” aka “I just want to nomnom on you all day long” for example. Yes that was actually posted.

But really, we’re wondering if this actually works. Scenario: you are sitting in Cafe Milano, and need a brief study break, so obviously you go on the Clog site to have a read and stumble upon this article which links you to likealittle. Once there you notice a message ” At Cafe Milano: Male, Brunette. Your chargers hat makes me want to show you my sideboob,” read more »


First off, it’s Election Day, so FOR GOD’S SAKE GO VOTE IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY! Phew. Glad we got that off our chests. What we really want to talk about is this: the UC libraries just digitized their 3 millionth book.

Quite a milestone for both the green and bibliophile movements (both of which are in full swing in Berkeley, as you can imagine). And the coolest bit is that they asked librarians from each UC to pick a favorite book that was recently digitized.

Berkeley got first billing (surprise!) and our librarian, Tom Leonard, picked a book of French fairy tales with illustrations that are tres magnifique. Other selections included books about wine making, millionaires of the 1890s, Italian comedies, oceanography and famous explorers.

So hey, next time you’re bored, don’t look at AnonCon or YouTube: check out a digitized book instead. You might even learn something.

Image source: Xelcise under Creative Commons
UC University librarians’ favorite digitized books [UC California Digital Library]


So it’s finals season again, and the best students are studying. But you aren’t, and why should you? After all, you’ve got your Anoncon, TV to catch up on, and the like. So how about going to see a documentary about the Mexican justice system? It’s on tonight May 3 at 6:30 at the PFA, and it’s $11 for students. This way you can procrastinate and learn something (not involving Piano Cat) at the same time.

The documentary is Roberto Hernandez’ and Geoffrey Smith’s “Presumed Guilty” (o “Presunto culpable”) and it deals with a justice system that’s well, corrupt. The system has a 95 percent conviction rate, and this documentary “forcefully expose(s) the gross unfairness of the Mexican courts.” Hernandez will be on hand for the screening as well, presumably to answer questions.

So show your face at the PFA tonight, mmkay? You’ll learn something, it’ll be a break from studying (hem hem, Anoncon), and you can vent your frustration at the Mexican justice system. The law, indeed.

Film programs [BAM/PFA]
Image source: Keith Burtis under Creative Commons

Get ur hed out of tat big box of FAIL, kitteh!

Crap, you guys, AnonCon‘s back.

Image Source: Chuckumentary under Creative Commons
AnonCon Spring 2010 [UCBLJ]

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